Tuesday, December 29, 2009


OK, I would think most of you are aware of the website Overstock.com, but in case you are not let me tell you about it. As a disclaimer though, let me be very clear that no one is paying me for this opinion in any way, and I am not getting any benefit by sharing it.

That being said, Overstock is just what it says-a collection of overstocked items that they sell at a fraction of the price through their website. I am embarrassed to say that I have not been on their site in some time, but this morning I went over to check them out, and there were some pretty good clearance deals going on. Women's jeans for 13.99, Bikini's for $8.99 (not that I can pull that off after 4 kids in 7 years), Boots for as low as $35 and many more. Now, all the items have a chance to sell out quickly, but they are always replenishing the stock. So I recommend you head over there, and check out the clearance items. There is more than just clothing, I just noticed that clothing was particularly good deals today. To get to the clearance items do the following:

1-Go to their site here.
2- Click on the red "Sale" sign on the right side of their banner near the top.
3-Click on "Clearance Bins"
4-Select Clothing (or whatever category you'd like to browse).

Let me know if you find any killer deals there!