Monday, December 28, 2009


At the bottom of this blog, you will notice a "Swagbucks" widget/ad. Other frugal blogs I check RAVE about this site. It is essentially a site where you can search, purchase things, and earn points, aka swagbucks, with which you can buy gift cards to many, many places. Quite a few of the frugal ladies out there used their swagbucks points to pay for all or most of their Christmas this year. I have been on for a couple weeks now, and have only earned 15 points. I have not purchased anything using them yet, I have just earned those points by using their search engine (which randomly rewards points). If this is something you might be interested in joining and using, please use my referral link here. That will help me get a few more points I think.

I am just getting to use this site and figure it out, but I think it could be really good. If you have tried it or have more to add about how to use it or anything, please leave a comment!



Andrea said...

I signed up using your referral link. . . hopefully it gave you some points or something. Thanks!