Sunday, January 31, 2010

6pm Dress sale! is a website that has awesome deals on designer brands of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. They have different sales all the time. Among all the other deals today, they are have dresses 75% off. I just went and checked it out, and there are some great deals! Go check them out here.

40% off at Walgreens Photo

Walgreens photo is having a 40% off every photo item sale through Feb 6, Just use code SMILE40 at checkout!
Saturday, January 30, 2010

**FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book

You can get a free Jiffy Mix recipe book by signing up here.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.

Carmex weekly giveaway

Enter the Carmex Sample Giveaway here. They give away 50 each week.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.

**Free sample of Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste

You can try a weeks worth of Arm and Hammer Advance White Toothpaste by clicking here. Then click on the "Try it Free for a Week" link on the bottom left, then fill out the form that will pop up. After you are done, it says it will send an email with a link you have to click to verify your email before the sample will be sent. Also-this is while supplies last-so I would sign up right away.

Thanks Mojo Savings.

Redken Sample/Giveaway...

Redken is offering free samples (while supplies last). You can choose between 3 products: Matte Sponge, Velvet gelatine, or Matte Shake.

I am not sure how this will work because it says sample are while supplies last, and after you enter, it says they will let you know within 90 days whether you've won one of the products. Either way-it is worth entering and seeing if we end up with anything good-worth a try! So, go sign up here.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.

Toys R Us Stock Up and Save Sale

Did you get that Babies R Us $5 Gift Card for becoming a Facebook Fan the other day? If so this is an even better deal as the gift card says it can also be used at Toys R Us!

Check it out-Toys R Us is having a Stock Up and Save deal going on beginning tomorrow (1/31) and ending 2/6 that could be really good. There are a number of Stock Up Deals: A Pampers Bin one, A Huggies one, a Pampers/Tide/Dreft/Bounty/Charmin one, and 2 different baby formula ones. If you use a lot of these products like I do the deals are pretty good for stocking up. Check them out here.

Let me just tell you about the Huggies one . Here's the deal:

The sale on Huggies is that you buy ANY 2 Huggies value Boxes of diapers (100-288 count) and 1 value box of wipes (320-576 count) and you get a $15 gift card back for Toy R Us. The Boxes of diapers are around $42 each (They are huge) and the wipes are about $12. So your total is going to be around $96. Then if you have coupons (I have $4.75 worth I can use) and if you have the $5 gift card from Faceboook (I had 2 of them, so $10 worth), that brings the total down, in my case to around $81. Then I get a $15 gift card back for my next purchase so it is like I paid $66 and got enough diapers and wipes to last for months!

I have to tell you though that the size of diapers I needed (5) is not available for this deal (I went down last night to the local store and talked to them about it). So, I am not doing this deal after all. Instead I spend my gift cards on a couple outfits for my Kindle and a video game from Wes for the kids. I will post about that deal soon!

Check out the sale and see if there is one of those stock up sales that will work for you!

Bakers 8 hour Sale until 5PM TODAY

Sorry this is just now getting posted, but I JUST got access to a computer today! If you live near Bakers, check out their 8 Hour sale-it is pretty good today: Gallon of Bakers Milk for $1.68 (limit 2 must purchase $10 additionally), Kroger Value 4 lb oranges or 5 lb Grapefruit for $2.99, and Kroger Bacon $1.87 (16 oz, limit 3). All prices are with a Bakers card which I do not have, but can get when I stop by.

Domino's Deal

Saw a commercial about this one. Dominos is offering a deal where you can get 2 Medium 2 Toppings pizzas for $5.99 each and if you are not satisfied, you get your money back! Wow-that is standing behind your well-priced product!!
Friday, January 29, 2010

10 % off at SexyModest today (1/29) or tomorrow(1/30) when you pay with cash.

For those of you in Utah, go to SexyModest today or tomorrow and make your purchase with cash and you will get 10% off! If you missed my post about SexyModest, you can read it here.

**FREE Orange Julius!

YEAH for this one! I just found out that there are 2 Orange Julius stores here in Omaha, so now I am really excited about this deal! You can go here to sign up for Orange Julius's newsletter and they will send you a free 20 oz drink coupon. YEAH!! Cannot wait for mine!

Thanks you a ton My Frugal Adventures.

**Pampers free sample with possibility to win a year of diapers!

***Update-the free samples are now live and available, but the free diaper thing will be a separate promotion that will not begin until February 12. So, go now over to and get your sample pack ordered!***

Moms by Heart posted this sweet deal that begins tomorrow (Friday 1/29) on

Evidently, to kick off their newly designed cruisers, Pampers will be giving away 3 pack samples of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. If the sample pack you get in the mail has Team USA stamped on it (like the picture above) you win a one year supply of free diapers!! These diapers will be randomly places in the free samples.

So head over to and get your sample pack ordered!

Thanks Moms by Heart

FREE sample of PediaSure or Baby's Only Organic Formula

There is an available sample of of PediaSmart or Baby's Only Organic Formula. To get this sample you have to call 614-898-9758 then press 2 for PediaSmart or 3 for Baby’s Only Organic formula. You will have to speak all you responses clearly to a computer, so you may want to lock yourself away from noisy kids to make this call!

Thanks STL Mommy.

**Dead Deal FREE Heluva Good product through Facebook fan page

****Looks like this deal is now dead! Sorry!****

Become a fan of Heluva Good on Facebook and get a complimentary coupon for one free Heluva Good product. Just click here to get started. Once you are a fan, register on the promotions tab and you will get a coupon in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Thanks STL Mommy.

Denny's FREE food February.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of restaurants offering free food this month for Free food February-we have Starbucks giving samples today and next week, Auntie Anne's upcoming free pretzels, and IHOP's upcoming free pancakes. Well, here is another one to add to your list.

Denny's will give a FREE Burger & Fries to the first 500,000 people that sign up between Feb 1-14 here for their rewards program online starting February 1. The Burger and fries will be available from March 1-7.

They will also have the following freebies:

  • Feb 9, 6am-2pm: FREE Grand Slam

  • Starting Feb 10: Endless Pancakes and Fries: Denny’s will provide free refills to any order of french fries or pancakes at participating locations .

  • On your birthday: FREE original Grand slam when you show proof it is your birthday.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom and Moms by Heart.

**Play Nestle Crunch Challenge on Facebook...

Play the Nestle Crunch Challenge game on Facebook daily through March 8th for your chance to win a Nestle Crunch. It is a really fun game-I just got totally caught up playing it! Check it out!

Thanks Clippin with Carie.

$1 off V8 VFusion

Go here and enter your email to get a coupon for $1 off V8 VFusion. This should make it pretty inexpensive to try these!

Thanks Chicks Dig Deals.

FREE Sahale Snacks at Starbucks today only! posted that TODAY only all Starbucks locations in North America will be sampling Sahale Snacks. from 11am-2pm. So, if you are near a Starbucks-stop by for a sample! They look really good!

Kohls Early Bird Sale Saturday (tomorrow)

Saturday ONLY Kohl's is having 100 Early Bird specials. This sale is in stores from 7am-1pm local time or online from 1am-4pm EST. Preview this sale here. If you shop online and spend more than $75 use code FREE2U to get free shipping!
Thursday, January 28, 2010

**New Huggies Enjoy the Ride Code

Here's another Code you can enter at Huggies Enjoy the Ride. It is BFGMRKBCNNHHPGB and it is worth 5 points! Love getting points!!

Thanks STL Mommy.

FREE sample preparedness pack

Prepare then Share will send you a free sample of their preparedness packs if you just click here to sign up.

Thanks Good Deal Gal.

FREE sample from Bathtanicals

If you sign up for Bathtanicals eNewsletter, they will send you a free sample. Click here to sign up. (The email sign up in on the left side about halfway down.)

Thanks I Crave Freebies.

FREE healthy Cat or Dog food sample

Click here for a free sample of Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Cat or Dog food.

Thanks More than Cents.

**Good mail, bad day...

Gosh, some days it seems like getting the mail is the highlight of my day! Last week I had one of those days. Many of these deals are ones I got before I started the blog, but I am hoping you are all starting to see some benefits as well!

Let me tell you what I have in this picture: Free 16x10 photo calendar, my Valentines photo cards for the kids (one of the 60 is pictures-these cost me less than $2 including shipping from See Here. You can currently get 29 totally free 4x8 photo cards by using code newbaby if you have not used that before), free power burst sample with 3 $1 off coupons, AirBorne Facebook sample, my new planning book (I also got an address book-not pictured), and a letter of apology with a generous gift card from Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Wow-exciting mail day. I wonder what today will bring?!

**HURRY! Get a $5 gift card from Babies R Us by become a Facebook fan TODAY!!

Cassie just alerted me to this GREAT deal. If you become a fan of Babies R US on Facebook TODAY, they will email you a $5 gift card! Just become a fan, then click on the sign up tab and sign up for your free card. It says supplies are limited, so go do it NOW!! Click here to get started!

Thanks Cassie!!

**Pandora & Netflix

Have you heard of Pandora Internet Radio? It is a free Internet radio service that my husband LOVES. I remember when he discovered it and told me about it a number of years ago. He still listens to it at work when he can, but has not set up an account to use with his personal email when at home until last night. When he did set up his new account, he found a great deals for me to tell you about!

When you sign up for a new Pandora account, not only do you get their AWESOME Internet radio, but you also get a free trial of Netflix! Of course the trick with the Netflix trial is that you have to give them your credit card information and if you do not cancel before the trial offer ends your card WILL be charged. So, beware that if you choose to do any trial like that, you MUST cancel before the end of the trial. After you sign up for the Pandora account, a window to get the Netflix trial should just pop up.

Wes and I have considered trying Netflix again now that they can do instant movies to your TV. So, we will probably do this trial.

And even if you do not want the Netflix trial-go get the Pandora account as it is AWESOME free music/radio through your Internet. The way it works is that you put in a song or an artist you like, and it will play music that is like that song or artist. It is like making a radio station geared right to you. It is sweet!

FREE dog treats from Natural Nibbles

OK dog owners, you can get a free sample of Natural Nibbles dog treats by signing up here.

**FREE coloring pages from (and MyPoints)

I got an email from My points telling me about a website that has over 100 coloring pages. It is a site for grandparents, but would be a great resource for parent as well. Please go check it our here.

I feel that here I should tell you about My points. It is a company where you earn points toward prizes (like gift cards) by reading your email. It is seriously easy and I would recommend it. If you are interested, I would love for you to join my "My Points network". Shoot me and email at and I can email you back an invitation to join my network.

Five 8X10 prints for only $1.99 from ArtsCow

Arts Cow has another great deal right now (one that makes me really mad I just got all my pictures printed a few weeks ago for MUCH more). Right now you can get 5-8x10 photo prints for only $1.99 incuding shipping!
You just have to use code 8X10PRINTS199 at checkout before 2/6/10. But I think the offer will be gone before the 6th as it is only for the first 2000 people! So, if you need some 8x10 prints, I would get on this one right away! Click here to get started.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Possible free books

If you go check out Read it Forward you can sign up to get free copies of books before they come out. I have not gotten any yet, but it is worth trying each time!! There are new ones today. They are the 3 books pictured above. Click here for more information.

Possible Reeses bag freebie on Facebook

Oh man-this is dangerous for me...Apparently, Reeses is reporting to their fans on Facebook to "Stay tuned next week to find out how to get a free bag." Click here to become a fan on facebook and maybe win a free bag of Reeses...Mmmm...

ThanksDes Moines Coupon Mom.

Qdoba "Craft your life"

OK, this is fun! Qdoba has a new game, "Craft Your Life!" and it is like MASH (admit it ladies-you all played that as kids!). Kinda a fun way to get a coupon (that is what I "won") but I hear you can possibly get freebies too.

What you do is go through and fill in the blanks (or choose an image) and they "craft your life." After you "craft your life" you will have the chance to win one of thousands of FREE lunch coupons that they are giving away! You can play once every day (quantities are limited)! Go here to Craft Your Life! Go now-it is quick and fun! Let me know if/what you win!

Thanks Clippin with Carrie.

**Roberts Dairy Coupons

I buy a lot of milk (for everyone in that family that is not lactose intolerant) and dairy products. I also do not get a lot of dairy coupons, so I was pretty excited about this. If you sign up here to become a member at Roberts Dairy, you can get coupons and deals from them. I just signed up and got my first coupons printed! Yeah!

Thanks Chicks Dig Deals.

FREE Skin like Butter Sample

Skin Like Butter is offering free samples if you just email them your mailing address. Click here to get started.

Thanks Free Stuff 4 Free.

Tuesday Morning

I try to make this blog a good way to get deals and save money. So, naturally, I want to tell you about stores that give great deals. When I was at book club yesterday, the other ladies were discussing stores they love to get deals at. and boy, it's a good thing I was eavesdropping as it reminded me to tell you all about one of my mom's favorite stores, Tuesday Morning.

On their website, they describe themselves as follows:

Tuesday Morning offers first quality, famous maker closeout gifts on an event basis. This strategy has made Tuesday Morning the largest and most successful closeout gift chain in the United States, for 30 years running.
They have different items all the time and it will vary from region to region and even from store to store. But you can usually find a bunch of great inexpensive stuff there. And the best part is that the first Tuesday of each month everything new comes in and there are sometimes additional discounts-you have to watch their ads.

So, go check out their website and hey-you might even want to stop by your local store this coming Tuesday as it IS the first Tuesday in February! Happy hunting!! Let me know if you get any great deals!

And thanks Tausha for reminding me to talk about this great store! (Also, FYI no one paid me for or asked me to write about this at all)

Multigrain Cheerios coupons

Want 5 coupons for $1 off Multigrain Cheerios? Then go sign up here.

Thanks For the Mommas.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Music Downloads from Campbell's Labels for Education

My kids school participates in the Campbell's Labels for Education program. If you have not heard of it, it is a program where Campbell's awards free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It is a great program, and you can read more about it by clicking the link above.

The other day, the kids came home from school with a Campbell's Labels for Education paper that said you can download free songs on there website from their "artist ambassadors". Right now they have 2 free downloads that you can check out here.

**Free eBooks from Barnes and Noble

So, Barnes and Noble has about 100 or so FREE ebooks! What a deals for an avid reader like myself! Check it our here.

Thanks Mama Cheaps.

UPDATE!! Pop if Forward-FREE PopChips for 3 friends

FYI: I just received an email from Popchips that says:

"hi there. we're sorry to say that someone "mistakenly" posted a
"pop it forward" link for popchips onto the web this past weekend.
we're not sure why, but what was a hand-delivered invitation to a
small number of people, ended-up online with tens of thousands of
people signing-up. we're really sorry about the mix-up and hope
you understand.

in the meantime, please enjoy this $1 off coupon (which expires 1/31/2010)."
If you also signed up for this you will probably get the same email, but I just wanted to let you know that is appears this deal is a no-go. Sorry to disappoint!!

Click here to sign up to send 3 friends free Popchip samples. I love when I get to send freebies to people I love! Make sure you know the mailing address and the email address for the 3 people you want to send samples to.

It might be a good idea to ask your friends before you give out their info. I did not, and I hope my sister, mom and husband will not be mad at me. Oh, and FYI, I would never be mad for you to send me free things! :) No, but seriously, check with people before you give out their info!

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.

**Kraft printable coupons

Just got an email from Kraft with a link to their recipe site. There are some good printable coupons there. Check them out at this site.

The coupons include (as an FYI, $1/1 means the coupon is for $1 off one item-the rest follow the same pattern):

$1/4 Philly Cream Cheese
$1/1 Velveeta
$1/2 Planters Nuts
$1/2 Capri Sun
$1/1 Parmesan Cheese
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Bologna and $1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats
$1/1 Claussen Pickles
$1/2 Kraft Shells and Cheese

Tweet for free Dove beauty bar

So I do not have a Twitter account or really understand how it all works because I am just that old. But you can tweet to get a free beauty bar from Dove. Please read the details on how to get your free soap by reading Carrie's blog on Clippin with Carrie about it here.

Brides-to-Be, this one's for you!!

If you sign up as a member at the David's Bridal website, you have a chance to win a wedding dress or 5 Bridesmaid dresses. You can sign up here.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.

**8 Meals under $4 each at Culver's

Did you know that Culver's has 8 Snack Pack meals for under $4 each? They include small fries & a small soda. The "main dishes" you can choose are: The Original ButterBurger, The Original ButterBurger Cheese, Cheddar or Swiss ButterBurger, Mushroom & Swiss ButterBurger, The Culver's Deluxe Single (which is pictures above), The Culver's Bacon Deluxe Single, Chili Cheese Dog, or 2 piece Chicken Tenders. Are you hungry yet?

BOGO Blizzards for joining DQ Blizzard club

Yesterday I joined the Dairy Queen Blizzard fan club, and this morning in my email I had a Buy One Blizzard get one free coupon! Yeah! If you too would like to get a BOGO (Buy One Get One) Blizzard from Dairy Queen, start by signing up for the Blizzard fan club here.

Extra 15% off at today & Tomorrow only!

Today and tomorrow (Tuesday the 26 & Wednesday the 27th) you can save an extra 15% off Everything online at Kohl's by using code SHOPNSAVE at checkout.
Monday, January 25, 2010

Did you get your free Golden Oreos?

Did you get your free Oreos? Let me know!

Because the Manning Brothers beat the Donalds in the Oreo challenge, Oreo will be giving away 150,000 boxes of double stuffed golden Oreos tomorrow starting at 3 PM EST (That is 2 PM local time here in Omaha). To get the Oreos though, you have to be a fan of Oreo of Facebook. So go here to become a fan. Then go back tomorrow and try to be one of the first 150,000 to claim the free Oreos. I suspect this one will go quick, so I will be really interested to hear if any of you get a box. I will let you know how I do!

**FREE love letter kit from Think Marriage

Think Marriage is offering 1 free love letter kit (each additional is $2). It includes 2 pieces of stationary and envelopes, tips and suggestions, and a folder to hold everything together. I am super excited for this as Wes and I will not be together this Valentines Day, so this might be a fun thing!! Check it out here.

Thanks Money Saving Madness.

Free Disney on Ice tickets in SLC

So The Salt Lake Tribune has a blogger that calls herself "One Cheap Chick". She has the scoop on how those of you in Utah can score FREE tickets to Disney on Ice in March, and skate for free at the Gallivan center tonight from 6-8PM. Please read her log here to see what yo need to do to get your free tickets!

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