Thursday, January 14, 2010

FREE Emergency radio & 4 months of Newsmax magazine

Here is an interesting deal that Wes heard about on the radio. I post it with a warning! It is for a free Emergency Radio (a $30 value, but you DO have to pay $5.95 shipping). I may or may not do this one.

Here's the scoop, you will have to give a credit card to get free radio shipped, and this offer is attached to a free magazine trial of Newsmax magazine. So, you give them your credit card for your shipping, and they will send the free radio and 4 free months of their magazine-here is the catch-if you read the fine print of the offer (which you really should do always), they say:
"At the end of my free subscription, I'll be sent a renewal notice. If I
like Newsmax I can do nothing and my subscription will automatically
at the low annual price of $39.95 by charging my credit
. There's no risk — I can cancel at any time for a full refund of
the unused portion of my subscription."
So, if you sign up for this offer-MAKE SURE you cancel your magazine subscription BEFORE the 4 months is up or they will automatically charge you for the next year of the magazine (of course if you want the magazine, then you can keep it). Just a warning about that, but if you remember to cancel the subscription, this is a good deal! I sometimes forget to cancel things like this, so I am not sure whether I will do this one-though I really do need an emergency radio...

Click here if you want to sign up.

Thanks Wes for helping me find deals!!