Monday, February 8, 2010

**Get a year of All You magazine for $15 through Amazon

Have you heard of All You Magazine? I had not heard of it until I started reading frugal blogs, then it seemed like that was all I heard about. It is a magazine available only at Walmart or through subscription, and frugal bloggers/couponers LOVE it because it is chalk full of coupons! Based solely on the recommendations of other bloggers and the lists of monthly coupons on their blogs, I recently subscribed, sight unseen to All You when I heard I could subscribe for a year through Amazon for only $15 (that is $1.25/issue).

My subscription will not start until the March or April issue, but I had a coupon for $0.50 off the Feb issue so I bought it to check out what I had gotten myself into. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were there tons of coupons (including one "Try our Product free" coupon), but there are lots of recipes and fun family friendly ideas for Valentines. It is a really fun magazine that has tons to offer someone like me! So, if you, like me enjoy getting coupons and recipes and great family ideas, I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the Amazon offer included above in this post. Just click on the link and check it out! I am excited for my subscription!