Monday, February 15, 2010

Local FREE Event: Folklorama on Tour Thursday 2/18

Hey locals, I am always looking for free and interesting things to do around town, and reading my newspaper yesterday I stumbled upon one such activity! This Thursday, Feb 18 at 4 pm Folklorarama on Tour will have an event at the Holiday Inn Omaha Convention Center (3321 S 72nd St-where Coco Keys is). The group is from Winnepeg and their website says:

For the first time, Folklorama is going on tour to visit six cities and give everyone a taste of what we're all about. We're bringing together six of our top world-class performing groups to present an extravaganza designed to demonstrate why Winnipeg is the place to be in August.
And the event is a "show featuring world-class cultural entertainment"  You can see their website here. It looks interestign and fun!