Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools ideas?

So, April Fools Day tomorrow, huh? GOt any big jokes planned? I have nothing planned and my son just this morning asked me if I was going to so the same trick for dinner as I did last year or if I had something better planned...oh no...I started something last year and I cannot live up...that is where I need your ideas!

Every year when she was alive, my aunt Cathy would do the same April Fools joke: put a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer so the first person to turn it on would get sprayed. And every year my Papou (that means grandpa in Greek) would humor her and get sprayed adn act surprised. This went on for 50 years...yes 50.

Two years ago on April 8, Cathy passed away, so last April Fools I was feeling nostalgic and felt I had to do something big in her honor...

Last year I made little "cupcakes" for dinner and "french fries" for dessert. The cupcakes were actually meatloaf with pink colored mashed potato "frosting" and the fries were actually pillsbury dough bakes and sprinkled with sugar. Here is a picture:


How is the world do I top that (with minimal cost)? Ideas welcome! In fact, I am begging for ideas...Please...