Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arby's coupon: FREE Roast Beef Sandwich w/ drink purchase

Apparently you can click here to print out a coupon from Arby's for a free Roast Beef sandwich when you purchase a soda. I have not used this coupon site before and the coupon seems a bit odd to me, but I have seen this on several blogs and thought I would let you know about it. I printed the coupon and will try to stop by Arby's today and test it out if I can.

Thanks Frugal Living and Having Fun.



Andrea said...

It looks like it's expired. . . or did I go to the wrong place?

Beckee said...

Nust be the wrong place. The coupon says it expires on 3/16. Once you click on the link in the post, then click on the button that says "click here" and it will take you to the screen with the coupon that you print. Try that.