Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, this is a great idea! In many cities, there are multiple websites like Groupon that offer group discounts each day. So, to help you get all the deals going on in your city, there is a new website, City Deal Tracker that tracks them all for you.

Here is what the email I received says about their site: - That one-stop shop for all deals in your city

After became one of the most wanted webpages in the USA, the trend of local group buying gains momentum all over the country. By now a large number of companies copied Groupon’s successful concept. Inhabitants of cities like New York or San Francisco can already choose between a dozen websites and their offers. But it’s not just NYC and SF, the trend has spread through more than 60 major cities in the USA and Canada.

For fans of those deals, the new "all in one" portal has arrived: tracks all available deals for every city in the US and Canada. It also acts as a platform for sharing experiences about each Groupon style website. For people who like to use Twitter, RSS or Email Newsletters to keep up to date all the tools are in place.

This looks nice and convenient for those in a city with many deals. So far Omaha only has Groupons though...Go check out this website to see what deals your city has! And remember that if you are planning a trip it is always a great idea to check sites like this for your vacation city. You can save a lot of money on your vacations that way!

Click here to see!