Friday, March 12, 2010

Hyvee Deals Red Hot deals for weekend

Did you know that Hyvee has Keebler, Sunshine & Famous Amos Crackers and Cookies 50% off this week (thru next Tuesday, March 16th)? I was there to pick up something else the other day and saw that, and bought a couple boxes (even without coupons). They were all around $2. So, I looked in my coupon book and found that I have a couple coupons that I can use with this deal! Do you have any coupons in your stash you can use to make this great deal even better?

In Addition to that great deal in their regular ad, Hyvee also has a "Red Hot Weekend". Please see the ad in this post to see all the great deals going on Saturday (March 13) and Sunday (March 14). Some of my faves are the $4.88 Toilet paper, the $1.77 Dortios, the .99 grapes, and well...let's be honest, I like all the deals.

It looks like MORE Red Hot Deals