Wednesday, April 14, 2010

$6.99 haircuts at Great Clips

I was just thinking I need a haircut. I have never been opposed to getting haircuts at cheap places even though I am quite picky about my hair. In fact, the times I have splurged and paid for expensive salon haircuts I have always been disappointed and always returned to Great Clips or Haircuts Plus. I was just talking to my husband last night abnout the fact I need to change my cut a bit when, like a sign, a commercial came on (and we had both forgotten to fast forward them) about the Great Clips deal going on! YEAH!!

Right now you can get a haircut at Great Clips for only $6.99-no coupon necessary!! Just stop by between now and April 22. I believe it is a nationwide sale, but call your location before you go down to make sure! To find a location near you, click here.

I will be going when my husband gets home tonight (or earlier if I can get a babysitter). Maybe if you are really lucky I sill post before and after pictures later...



Garrett Ebling said...


My name is Garrett Ebling, and I'm the senior communications specialist at Great Clips' corporate office in Minneapolis. I just wanted to thank you for thinking of us, and also to clarify your comment about coupons. Couponing is done at a local or market level, as all of our salons are franchisee-owned. To check if your neighborhood salon has a current coupon promotion, contact that salon. We do have a salon locator at Thanks again for mentioning us. All the best!