Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Repair Pal

I don't know about you, but car troubles and car repairs are one of the things that cause me a lot of anxiety! I always worry about getting a car repair done. I never know whether I can trust an estimate to be fair, and I never know if my car actually need the repairs I am told it needs. Well, thank goodness I found this website:

What a great resource to help take away some of my anxiety. This is a FREE website that will give you estimates, advice, and user reviews, and boy does it have a lot of great features. On the initial page for, you will see a place to enter your make of car for an estimate. It is quick and easy to do.

Another things you can do is to look up by city (FYI-not all cities are listed, mostly big cities). Let's say you are in Houston, TX and you need an auto repair. You can go to their Houston auto repair page where you will find top rated auto repair in the area as well as general info about Houston and more specific info about auto repair in Houston. It is really useful.

You can also look up information by car. At the top of their page is a "Car Info" tab that you click on which takes you to a page where you can enter your cars make, model and year. It then gives you user reviews, Questions and answers and recalls and common problems, For an example, check out this page about a 1991 Acura TL.

And possibly the most useful thing on this website is the encyclopedia! You can really educate yourself here about all kinds of car related topics. You can look up oil change or look up a brake job, and they will give you all kinds of information on when, why and how to change my oil or how to repair brakes. It is very useful information.

All in all, I think this is a very useful FREE site full of helpful information for all kinds of car related questions and I recommend checking it out whenever you have a car question! It is always good to educate yourself before you make a major purchase, including a car repair! Next time you need car info, give a try, it is worth your while to check out!

*I was compensated to provide my opinion on this website, but as always, I gave my honest opinions and all opinions expressed in this post are purely my own.