Sunday, May 16, 2010

PLEA for Disneyland budget tips...PLEASE! :)

Any guesses as to where this picture of my XiaXia & Papou (Greek for Grandma & Grandpa) was taken?! The giant Mouse shaped pretzel is your hint...any guesses?!

Thant's right...DISNEYLAND!! This is a place with special memories and significance for myself and my family, and this week I will be doing the Tuesdays Travels blog on the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland! I will not (ever) talk about Disney World because I cannot do it justice-everything you ever need to know about deals for Disney World can be found by reading Couponing to Disney. But Disneyland is a whole different beast, and I will be taking it on this week!

Now, I KNOW a lot of my readers (Heidi, Andrea, all the rest of you...) know about Disneyland discounts and deals. I NEED your help! I want to do as thorough a job as I can on this one, so please send me all your tips for doing Disney on a budget! Thanks to my cousin Laura for sending me some tips already!

I would love to get your tips ASAP so I can include them in Tuesdays Travels: Disneyland this week! Thanks in advance!!