Monday, June 14, 2010

We made it home!!

Well, apparently publicly reprimanding Wyoming gained me one free pass through! That's right-I did NOT get stuck in Wyoming this time. We did drive through the craziest rain and lightning all through Wyoming and Nebraska, but we did so safely and without delays! I seriously tried to do the happy dance as we exited Wyoming without a delay (I couldn't do it as I was securely fastened in my seat belt)! Our only big mishap was one child throwing up and that happened before we ever even got out of Salt Lake. And, luckily that only happened once!!

Now that I am home, my inbox is overflowing with deals, and I got a week's worth of freebies in my regular mail-there was some good stuff this week! I will try to blog as much of it as I can this morning, but as I just got in late last night, I have a lot of unpacking, cleaning and shopping (need milk and stuff SOOO bad) to do, so I might not get through it all today! I will do my best!!