Sunday, August 15, 2010

Website set up for Adam Smith memorial donations/information

I told you the other day that a tragedy happened here in Omaha on Wednesday that has affected us greatly. A friend of ours from medical school, Dr Adam Smith, was killed when his car was sturck head on by a drunk driver while taking his son to his first day of school. It is a devastating story and my thoughts and prayers are with my friend, his wife Melissa, and their 3 sons.

Since then, many of you have asked how you can help, and I would ask that you all continue to pray for the family. I also want to let you know that a memorial fund has been set up for the family of Adam Smith. Donations may be mailed to the Greater Omaha Credit Union, Creighton University Medical Center, 601 N. 30 St., Omaha, NE 68131. They can also be dropped off at the credit union in the lobby of the medical center.

***UPDATE: A website has been set up to leave memories, offer service, and to get donation information. Please see the site here:



Christi Williams said...

Becckee I had read your post about this horrible accident. How sad this is but it wasn't until today I put the pieces together. I grow up the Clovis, Calif (I live in Provo right now) where Adam parents Pam & Rick Smith were in my ward. I had grown up with them, they moved up the mountains, which is currently my Dad's ward. I knew Adam as a child and the other Smith boys. It is truly small world. Thank you for posting the links.

Beckee said...

It is a small world isn't it. I am glad you could get the link from here and you can pass it on to your family. So sorry you had to hear about this terrible tragedy of someone you know from a "Deals blog". I just thought it was important enough to share.