Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming soon to Beckeesdeals...

WOW-lots has been going on here at this house! We have had some good(looks like we know sex of baby-looks suspiciously like a boy) and some bad (van in shop-big repair, broken heater in house). I am sure you could tell it has been crazy busy by the sheer lack of posts on here the last couple week, but rest assured, I have not been wasting that time.

I have a couple great reviews coming up for you shortly as well as a couple giveaways!! I was able to host a fantastic party that I will tell you about and I get to do another one next month! I am really excited to share with you some of the fun and exciting things going on here! Keep your eye out and you can expect to see the first of the aforementioned posts as well as the best of Omaha grocery deals going up later today. If you are reading this in email and those posts did not make the daily email send out, you can check the blog later today!

Exciting times!!