Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HURRY Utah readers!! Half Price tickets to Octappella's Christmas show-ALMOST GONE!!

OK Utahns, If you are looking for a great Christmas show, you should go see Octappella on Monday or Tuesday night! AND if you want to get half price tickets, you better go here NOW as they are almost sold out!! Seriously it will be a great show! (But family-you will have to go Monday because Tuesday is the baptism) :)

Even if you do not get the half price tickets for $6, it is worth the $12 price as well.

By way of disclosure, I should let you know that Andrea's husband is a member of Octappella (He is third from the right in the picture above). But I assure you, I would not recommend their show based solely on the fact my brother-in-law is in it. They really are good and they put on a fun festive show! You won't be disappointed.