Friday, January 1, 2010

An Irresistable deal (?!) at Sierra Trading Post

Why do I always want these pants whenever I go to Sierra Trading Post's website? Really, what would I do with a super soft pair of pink moleskin pants?

I really want them, will I be able to resist the $56.00 pants marked down (gasp) 87% to $6.95?! Maybe if I can resist checking out the site for a couple days my size will be all sold out...

**How awesome is this?!

OK ignore the crayons, phone and stuff in the background and just look at the lovely new bags of treats in the foreground. In case you cannot tell what there is, it a a bag of Palmer's Cookies & Cream candies, a bag of Twix minis, 2 bags of York Peppermint Patties (YUM), 2 bags of Hershey's Bliss Chocolates, and 2 bags of "Holiday" pretzels. Grand total for all of it came in just under $8!!! Holiday clearance at Hyvee! Wahoo! I love that!

**UPDATE-Amazon Prime "Free" 3-month trial

Remember I mentioned an Amazon Prime membership free trial I have that was about to expire? Well I just found out from St Louis Mommy that there is a way to get or extend your free trial for 3 months. Here's the skinny:

*****This is not actually a freebie-it charges $1-$1.50 on your card for this trial. I still think it is a GREAT deal, but wanted to make sure you knew about the small charge!!*****

1) Click here for a 3 Month Trial of Amazon Prime by adding the book Pride & Prejudice to your cart (don’t worry, you won’t have to actually buy it)

2) Go through the check out process.

3) When you get to the final page, after cc info but before processing, you should see under the shipping options, Free Two-Day Shipping on the Order for Textbook Buyers: “Your name, get fast free shipping for three months, starting with this order by selecting “Free Two-Day Shipping with a Free Trial of Amazon Prime”.

4) Click the button and it should offer you a free 3 month trial!

Benefits Include:
* Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping
* Upgrade to One-Day Shipping for only $3.99
* No minimum order size

There's no obligation but you must cancel before your free trial is over so you will not be charged the $79 annual fee!

I would add that you can make sure you never get charged at all by dealing with it now. This is how:

1) Once you have added the 3 month trial, go to your Amazon homepage and click on "Your Account" in the upper right corner.

2) Scroll down to the settings section and click on "Manage Prime Membership."

3) You will see a button that says "Do not Upgrade." Click it, then click on "Turn off Auto Upgrade"

4) Now you can just enjoy your 3 month trial without worrying about forgetting to cancel it before it runs out in March!

**SOLD OUT QUICK! Hot Deal on Towels at Kohls-will go fast!

Deal over!

GREAT deal on towels at Kohl’s. The entire stock of Big One Bath Towels are on sale for $2.49. You can use code EXTRA20 and NOCHARGE to get the price down to $1.99 AND get free shipping! What a great deal!

I just got 6 new towels for the fam for a total of $12.61.

**New Red Box code to try

GT9SA, you can get a free rental. Note that this code is good until 2/28/10.

Home Depot Free Kids Workshop

Saturday 1/2/10 from 9-noon, there is a Home Depot workshop where kids can make a calendar for FREE! They do this every month on the First Saturday.

This workshop is designed for children ages 5-12. No preregistration necessary, just show up between 9 and noon. In addition to this month's calendar, each child receives a child-sized orange Home Depot apron and an achievement pin. I am going to try to get over there with the kids so the 2 oldest can participate! Yeah for free stuff!!

$12.99 Oil Change @ Firestone

Can't make it to Sears today, but still need an oil change? Check out this deal: Get a standard oil change from Firestone for just $12.99 (plus disposal fee) Jan 3 and 4th only. Just print out the coupon here.

Thanks to Chicks Dig Deals for posting this!

**HURRY-who knows how long this deal will last!! $1.59 photo deal

2010 is here and this great deal on the personalized planner was supposed to expire 12/31, but it looks like you can still get it! I got mine this morning. So if you are interested, you can get a daily planner or an address book for $1.59 shipped. And it literally only took me like 5-10 minutes to get it made and ordered.

Here is how you can get yours:
-Snapfish is offering a FREE $10.00 Credit just for new registration on Go HERE and sign up now (must be a new email registration)
-Choose Daily Planner
-Upload a photo and customize your planner
-Apply $10.00 Credit (this wont happen until after you enter your credit card-then it automatically applies it for you.)

Thanks For the Mommas for the reminder about this one! I almost missed it!

**Tampax Free samples

Want free Tampax & Always samples? Sign up here to get some. Their site says:

Sign up now to get a free BeingGirl Sample Kit. Just fill out the quick survey below to begin. Included in the kit are: 2 Tampax Pearl Tampons, 1 Compak Pearl Tampon, 1 Always Infinity Maxi-Pad, 2 Always Pantiliners, and 1 Always Feminine Wipe.

**Free Kashi TLC bar

Get a free Sample bar of Kashi's TLC. Click here to sign up. I am excited to try this one!

Target Clearance

Target has clearance up to 75% off and you can also stack an extra 10% off with coupon code: URTYJLI8.

Thanks Living Rich With Coupons.

Avon's New Year Clearance

Avon's New Years Spree Sale starts today with free shipping on any $5 order when you use the code CELEBRATE2010. This sale goes until 1/11/10.

**Buy DVD's for CHEAP at Hollywood Video! (& Wes's shopping trip)

One thing I love about my husband is that he loves a deal as much as I do. In fact, many people think he may be the cheapest man in the world. He really won't buy stuff unless he feels it is a great deal! Well, yesterday was one of those days where I was trying to get New Year's foods and games ready, and I just forget to get a whole list of things I needed for the day. I called him at work and gave him the list of what I wanted him to get: videos, Soy Milk (one of our kids is lactose intolerant so we have to buy this expensive stuff for her to get her calcium and stuff), 4-5 2 Liters of Diet Coke, Potatoes, Oranges and Tampons. Well, my "cheap" husband usually will not shop at my preferred store as Walmart tends to be cheaper overall. But, last evening, Walmart was a mess, so he decided to go check out my HyVee. He was pleasantly surprised to find a few great deals there and ended up getting not just the items I send him for but also 3 bags of clearance chocolates for us and his total for everything came in under $30. Imagine if he had the coupons with him...

While he was out, he also stopped at our local Hollywood Video to rent some movies (again-unusual as we tend to go for the $1 Red Box). While there, he was AMAZED to see the deals for the movies they were selling. New releases & Disney DVDs for $3.99, Video Games for $9.99, and older movies for even less. So, I ventured into the online world this morning to see if they had an online store, and they do-with videos as low as $2.50 each (When you buy 8). Their clearance movies even include free shipping! There are some great deals where you can buy movies for the same or less than you can rent them (from Hollywood Video). So, stop by your local Hollywood Video (search for locations near you here) or check out there website and see if you can score a great deal!

Christmas Tree Recycling in Omaha

If you live in Omaha and still have your live Christmas Tree in your house and you are wondering what to do with it, the Omaha Christmas Tree Recycling sites are all open until January 12. I do not know all the locations, but I drove past one on F street just East of 156th St/Zorinsky Lake. If you know of another location, please comment or send me an email at . Thanks and Happy Recycling!