Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FREE Mp3 of Selena Gomez

If your kids love Selena Gomez like my kids do, you can surprise them with this FREE Mp3 of one of her songs.

**Sign up for Walgreens photo newsletter for possible freebie on Thursday!

Walgreens photo had a freebie last week, and they are promising they will have another photo deal (maybe another freebie!) this Thursday 1/21. They will be sending it out in their photo subscription newsletter email. So go sign up here for the newsletter so you can get the deal on Thursday!

Great Harvest bread unwanted Christmas gift exchange (local)

I just got an email about this awesome program that Great Harvest is doing here in Omaha. Check it out:

DON’T’ FORGET that January 23rd is the last day that you can trade your NEW, unwanted Christmas gifts for a FREE loaf Great Harvest Bread Co. Honey Whole or Old Fashioned White Bread.

Here’s how it works--it’s very simple:
1) bring your unwanted Christmas gift to any of our three Great Harvest Bread Co. locations
2) trade your unwanted Christmas gift for a FREE loaf of Great Harvest Bread Co. Honey Whole Wheat or Old Fashioned White Bread

All unwanted gifts received will be donated to the Assistance League of Omaha.

Have a request?

Is there a store you love to shop at or a product you seem to never find on sale, but have to buy? Are there deals you WANT to find but cannot? If so, send in requests, and I will do some homework and see if I can find a deal for you. I make no promises-I am still a relative newbie to this, but I HAVE figured out a couple of tricks, and I will try to find what my readers need. So, if you have a request, please email me at beckeesdeals@gmail.com or leave a comment. If you are my friend on Facebook, you can always ask me there as well. If the following on this blog continues to grow, I plan to make a facebook page just for the deals. So help it grow by telling your friends and family about it!


Cloth Diapers for Marisa

Well, Marisa asked me if I had any great deals on cloth diapers. I have to admit that having never used them (well, that's not true, I did "use" them when I was a baby, but I have never had to buy them) I have no clue what a good deal on cloth diapers would be, but since you asked Marisa, I looked it up and found a website that might help you out.

Cloth Diaper Sale is a website that posts all the cloth diaper sales they can find out there. So, hopefully that will be a useful website for you to check out.

**Ensure FREE shake and coupons

You can sign up here to get a coupon for a free ensure shake plus saving coupons for Ensure products. These coupons can be immediately printed out or you can have them mailed. I love getting mail that is not bills plus I hate to use my own printer ink for stuff I don't have to, so I went with the mail option.

Thanks Mojo Savings.

Reminder: Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo & contitioner freebie

If you never signed up for this one, it is still available so consider this a reminder!

You can sign up to sample Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo & conditioner by filling out the form here.

**FREE sample and great coupons from loreal

Do you use L'oreal products? Want a free sample of their EverPure product and coupons for other products? If so, Click here. Once you get there click on the Special Offers and Savings button on the bottom left corner. The page it takes you too will have the free sample and coupons you can print.

Thanks Moms By Heart.

***Subscribe to get email updates!

Yeah! You can now subscribe to get my post updates delivered once a day to your email! How easy is that? Now you won't miss a deal! On the left side of the blog is a form-just enter your email address. After you do, you will have to enter a verification word, they you will receive an email from Feedburner to activate your subscription. Please don't forget that step. And remember the email to activate will come from feedburner.

**FREE eCookbook of Copycat restaurant recipes!

I LOVE to cook, and I LOVE to eat out. One of the favorite things my husband and I do is to try to create restaurant recipes we love here at home. I am pretty good at figuring out the recipes, but it is so much easier when someone else has already figured the copycat recipe out for me! Which is why I was so darn excited to get an email about this freebie yesterday. I have now downloaded it and I LOVE it! Check it out...

Free eCookbook: 31 Secret Restaurant Copycat Recipes featuring 53 Pages of Quick and Easy Recipes + Quick & Easy Recipe Newsletter for FREE! Click here to get your free eCookbook.

**Pricematching & Coupon usage...plus a GREAT deal on ALL laundry detergent

A couple deal tips...First, I hope you all know by now that Walmart and Target price match competitors advertised prices (you should review their coupon matching policies if you are worried about matching). I have not ever price matched at Target yet, but I price match at Walmart ALL THE TIME!! Usually you can just tell the checker the price match price, but I still bring the other ads along just in case you need to prove your price match (it has only happened to me 2 times that I had to whip out an ad and prove the price match.) So, every week I go through all the ads in my mail and in my newspaper and make up a master list of the best prices on the things I need, then I head over to Walmart and price match my weekly shopping. You CAN price match and still use coupons.

I should also note that each Sunday I clip all the coupons which I have organized by expiration date in my coupon bag. I have a master list of all the coupons so I can easily look up coupons on there and I just keep those coupons and the master list in my purse in case I need anything. I recommend you clip coupons and find a way to organize them that works for you!

So, that being said, here is a deal I did just the other day, that you can do too (if you have the coupons):

If you clip coupons and keep them around, somewhere in your coupons you should have a $2 off coupon for ALL detergent (it was in the newspaper on 1/3).

Big Lots has ALL 2X 50 oz. and ALL 3X 32 oz. laundry detergent advertised 2/$5 through 1/23. Take the ad to either Walmart or Target and price match, then use the $2 coupon and you end up getting the laundry detergent for only 50 cents each

**Call to request a FREE Gillette Fusion Razor!

I just did this and I hope it works, cause it is awesome! Call 1-888-778-3221 for your free Gillette Fusion Razor. When you call press 2 for English, then follow the instructions which include providing your name and address. Your free razor will arrive in 6-8 weeks!

Thanks STL Mommy.

Krispy Kreame Valentines cards with FREE donuts

This year, for Valentine's Day Krispy Kreme is offering Valentines Day Cards! While supplies last at participating stores, you'll get 12 Valentine's Day Cards when you buy any dozen doughnuts. On the back of each is a coupon good for one free doughnut. I LOVE that, but my waistline is not a fan...

Thanks STL Mommy.

Free 1 oz sample of Oki Juice

Try a free sample of Oki juice from Orenor International by clicking here.

According to their website:

Okî is the first product of its kind to feature the aronia berry. Not afraid to take on the challenging flavor of this neglected fruit, Okî combines aronia with 16 other powerhouse botanicals including organic aloe vera, black currant, acai, pomegranate, goji, noni, mangosteen, guava, apple, blueberry, pear, mango, and concord grape. Okî is robust, delicious, and is the most stylish way to stay healthy

Thanks KC Penny Pinchin Mama.

**Free sample of Victorinox Swiss Army Unlimited Men’s Fragrance

Go here to request this free sample of Victorinox Swiss Army Unlimited Men’s Fragrance. Their website says "it’s fresh, aromatic scent and woody masculine sensuality captures the open-air spirit of Switzerland."

Thanks Mojo Savings.

**B1G1 Sunbelt Granola Bars Coupon

Go here to grab an awesome Buy One Get One FREE coupon for Sunbelt Granola Bars. This is taken from their Facebook page so it is legit. Exp. 2/18/10

Thanks Mojo Savings.

Lowes publications full or ideas and they are FREE

If you are interested in gardening or woodworking ideas, you ought to go here and subscribe to one of Lowe's free publications.

Runza Temperature Tuesday

Hey there local readers! Don't forget that Temperature Tuesday is going on at Runza today which means that you can get a Runza for whatever the temperature was locally at 6 am (with the purchase of fries and a drink). This made Runzas free a couple weeks ago, and like 4 cents last week. I am not sure what they are today, but I am sure it is cheap cause it feels pretty cold!

Thanks Chicks Dig Deals.

Cheap magazine subscriptions from Amazon

Right now Amazon has lots of magazine subscriptions for $10-$15 for a 6-12 month subscription (depending on the magazine) and when you order them, you get a $5 credit on your next Amazon purchase. Pretty good deal. There are a lot of magazines there, but here are a few of my favorites:

*Sports Illustrated Kids

If you want to check out the options, click here.

Thanks Mama Cheaps.

Join Tide Development Team

Go here to fill out this survey to apply to become part of the Tide Development Team and share additional opinions about Tide in the future! You may also get FREE product samples and be able to participate in other research opportunities!

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom & Hip 2 Save.

**FREE Pillsbury Calendar

Get a free 2010 calendar from Pillsbury by signing up here.