Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$1 Planters coupons on Facebook while they last

There is a limited number of $1 off Planters peanuts coupons available. Go here and click on the NCAA sweeps tab and you will be able to to print the coupon. You will have to become a fan of Mr Peanut (aka Planters) if you are not already.


CUTEST kids theatre book/puppet sets as low as $4.99+shipping

I have told you about bTrendie before, but in my opinion, today is the day to join because right now (for the next 21 hours) they have THE CUTEST Lisa LuLeu theatre book/puppet sets (like the Frenchy Frog one pictured below) on sale for $14.99. And remember when you register with them here, you get a $10 credit! That $10 can be used for anything-even shipping.

So you could get this for $4.99+shipping! Great deal!! I am loving it!

Want to know more about bTrendie? Read this:
bTrendie is a "lightning deals" type site. As their welcome email to me said, "Don't miss the 2 - 4 day flash sales events of limited quantity brand name baby gear and apparel, at up to 70% off retail." This site has some super cute items. And remember-if you log on and do not like the stuff they are selling right now, there will be a whole new batch of sale items shortly!

So, get started shopping by clicking here to join and get your $10 credit!!


What a busy day!

Well, there is nothing I would like more today than to just cozy up in my warm house and keep posting deals for you, but as it is, I have to go to what I am praying will miraculously be a dry Easter Egg hunt shortly. (No, I cannot skip it-I am the playgroup director and being ever the optimist, I sent out an email that I would be there rain or shine...I thought it would be shine...) Then I have to prepare my house for the invasion of 8-11 year-old girls that will be coming over this evening. So, I have a pretty crazy day.

So, I will have to leave my email be for a while (it is full of emails that appear to have some good deals in it). I might miss a few deals today, but I don't want you to, so I want to tell you about a couple of MY favorite deals/frugal blogs, and you can check them out if you need a deal fix while I am away today.

I quite literally check about 20 blogs a day to try not to miss posting the deals I really like, my favorite fes are Couponing to Disney, Mojo Savings, My Frugal Adventures, and The Freebie Blogger. For local Omaha/Nebraska deals, you should check out Mom Saves Money, and for local Salt Lake City/Utah deals I like Freebies 2 Deals.

If you see a great deal that you think my readers should see-PLEASE post it on the Facebook page and/or email me and I wil get it up as soon as I get a chance to check back in between events today! Thanks for your patience and understanding!


**Are you always searching for a pen? If so, this deal may be for you!

This might seem like an odd deal, but it really is a good one-especially if you have a business or are a teacher or just use a lot of pens! Graveyard Mall has a deal of the day each day, and it is only while supplies last. Today's deal is 6 pounds (yes I said pounds) of pens (which is like 315) for $13.99 + shipping (which will probably be around $6). So, if you are interested in getting some pens, check this deal out here.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.


Acupuncture deal in today's Groupon (68% off)

Today's Groupon is $39 for a Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Treatment at Acupuncture Center ($120 Value).

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Omaha page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!

Photobucket "secret deal" of 25% off

Yesterday I got an email from letting me know that they will be having a "secret promotion" on Facebook and Twitter sometime this week. (They also posted on Facebook to let all your friends know about it, so I feel pretty safe in telling all of you about it!) It looks like the promotion will be a coupon code to save 25% off and will be released "sometime this week" only on Facebook and Twitter. So, you can follow then on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

In case you do not know, is a service that offers food delivery from various restaurants around. I believe it is national as we have used them in Omaha and Spokane and I believe my mom has used them in Salt Lake City. Generally speaking, they are not a frugal thing, but they are a convenient thing. We used them a few times when I was on bedrest with my 4th baby and I could not get up and do stuff. he delivery lady there (in Spokane) knew me really well by the time I had my baby. We also used them after I had a baby here in Omaha years before.

I am hoping the 25% off deal wil make it reasonable enough that I feel OK about splurging and ordering in one of these nights! Check them out here.