Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't forget-Free Cupcake bites tomorrow

Because Tax Day bites, Cinnabon is giving away 2 FREE cupcake bites on April 15th (tax day) from 6-8 pm. Check out details here and find your nearest location here.

Reminder FREE Maggie Moos tomorrow

Remember, Maggie Moo's is offering FREE samples of their new ice cream pizza tomorrow, April 15 (tax day). "Ice Cream Relief for tax day!" How fun is that! Mark your calenders, and check here for a location near you.

Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom.


Remember: FREE Tacos for Tax day tomorrow

Yeah for more tax day food freebies! On April 15 (tax day) Taco Del Mar is having free tacos!! Yeah! Click here to find a location near you!


Special deals at No Frills Fresh in Baker Square

Have you Omahans checked out the new No Frills Fresh in Baker's Quareon Center and 132nd? If not, this would be the week to check it out. They have daily deals and a new weekedn special. Check them out!!
  • Dinner and a Movie Weekends. From now until May 2nd, if you purchase $20 or more on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you get one night free video rental at Blockbuster Express (it appears this will come in the form of a catalina coupon at checkout).
  • Weekday Super Specials will run daily through 5/4/10. They are as follows:
  • Monday: Fresh Donut Holes 18 ct $1.49
  • Tuesday: Whole Roasted Chicken $3.99
  • Wednesday: Dole Bananas $.10/lb
  • Thursday: Grilling Sausage 2/$1
  • Friday: Basket of Blooms Bouquet $6.99
The banana sale is AWESOME!! I guess I better run over today...or price match it a Walmart!!

*Note that the ad DOES say they reserve the right to limit quantities-I suspect that is going to play a big part on the Banana Wednesdays...


Remember: FREE Rubio's taco tomorrow in UTAH

I could pretty much cry right now that I am not in Utah!

Rubio's (one of my all time favorite restaurants) is offering FREE Grilled Gourmet tacos on Tax Day (April 15th) for their Utah locations. Just print this coupon and take it in to your local Utah Rubio's on April 15th. It says one per person so print enough for all the people in your family and head over there for a free tax day dinner (and hey-Rubios near m parents house is right by Maggie Moos, so stop in for their tax day freebie too!)

Thanks Freebies 2 Deals.


Culver's coupons in today's Omaha World Herald

If you get the Omaha World Herald, look today for the great Culver's coupons-B1G1 free double ButterBurger with cheese, B1G1 any 2-scoop Sundae, B1G1 medium concrete mixer and more!!


$6.99 haircuts at Great Clips

I was just thinking I need a haircut. I have never been opposed to getting haircuts at cheap places even though I am quite picky about my hair. In fact, the times I have splurged and paid for expensive salon haircuts I have always been disappointed and always returned to Great Clips or Haircuts Plus. I was just talking to my husband last night abnout the fact I need to change my cut a bit when, like a sign, a commercial came on (and we had both forgotten to fast forward them) about the Great Clips deal going on! YEAH!!

Right now you can get a haircut at Great Clips for only $6.99-no coupon necessary!! Just stop by between now and April 22. I believe it is a nationwide sale, but call your location before you go down to make sure! To find a location near you, click here.

I will be going when my husband gets home tonight (or earlier if I can get a babysitter). Maybe if you are really lucky I sill post before and after pictures later...


**Walmart deals...

So I went to Walmart yesterday and found a couple great deals I wanted to share. You should check your local Walmart and see if the same great things are happening there!!
  1. ALL soda 24 packs are $5 right now-ALL meaing Pepsi, Coke, whatever!! Get that while you can-we stocked up!
  2. They are massively clearancing out their winter clothing and their Miley Cyrus brand clothing. I bought pants for $1 and shirt for $3. The sale is insane! A coupld things to note about the Miley Cyrus brand-it runs SUPER small. I bought the size 1 (extra small) pants for my 7 year old skinny daughter and they fit her pretty well. I usually buy medium shirts for myself, but in Miley Cyrus brand I bough Large and it fit alright, but I might have been better off in an XL (hate to buy that, but seriously-they run tiny). So, maybe try them on before you buy or jsut plan to buy bigger.


Best of Omaha Grocery week of 4/14-4/20

I am going through the ads in my newspaper today in Omaha and here are my favorite deals from various stores:

  • 4 lb Pkg Strawberries $3.99
  • 5 lb bag Russet Potatoes $.88
  • Dr Pepper product 12 packs 3 for $8 (with in ad coupon)
  • Ripe Haas Avocados 10 for $10
  • HyVee whole wheat pasta 13.25 oz various kinds $.88
  • Coke products 12 packs 3 for $10 (with in ad coupon)
  • HyVee 12 oz cottage cheese $.88
**HyVee has a 3 day sale Thursday-Saturday (April 15-17) as well as their weekly ad. On those 3 days, you can get a game card to scan at the PepsiCo display to try to win prizes. They also have some 3 day ad specials. I like the banabas for $.38/lb and the HyVee deli Ham for $1.88/lb.

No Frills Fresh
  • Doritos B1G1 ($3.99 each-so you end up getting them for about $2 each)
  • ALL Keebler cookeis and crackers B1G1
  • Nestle Candy Bars B1G1 (so if you have a B1G1 coupon, you might be able to get 2 free!!)
  • Purex 2X Ultra detergent B1G1
  • Yoplait yogurt 10/$4 (when you buy 10 and use in-ad coupon)
  • Large Navel Oranges $.88/lb
  • Red Delicious apples $.88/lb
**No Frills has some other specials that I will be posting about in a seperate post

  • 3 lb roll of Ground Chuck $5.64 (so $1.88/lb) with card
**The BEST deal at Bakers is actually on a 2-Day Special running Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17. It is Kellogg's Cereals for 50% off (with card). Their ad says the regular retail is $2.91-$4.10.

Super Saver
  • Pork Loin in a bag $1.58/lb (pretty good, but I never stock up on this until it is under $1/lb)
  • Bakery Fresh Sliced Bread $.88
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $.98 (limit 2)
  • Meadow Gold/Viva Milk $1.97/gal
Bag N Save
  • Old Orchard Apple Cocktails $.97
  • Hamburger or Coney Buns $.49 (limit 6)
  • 90% lean ground round $1.98/lb
  • Yoplait yogurt 10/$4 (when you buy 10 and use in-ad coupon)
  • Large Navel Oranges $.88/lb
  • Kellogg's Mini Wheats (14-18 oz) or Raisin Bran(20 oz) $1.97 & wyb (meaning when you buy) 2 cereals, you get a Kellogg's reusable bag FREE (while supplies last)
  • Pop Tarts 2/$3
  • Our Family Frozen potatoes 28-32 oz $1.99
  • Satin Soft Dryer balls 2 pack $3.99
  • Fit and Active Soy Milk 64 oz $2.29
  • Mushrooms $.69 per package
  • Baby Carrots $.49 per package
  • Garden Salad $.29 each
Do I actually go to all these stores? NO I generally just price match at Walmart! I LOVE being able to do that. And Speaking of Walmart, I will be posting about a couple deals going on there as well!!


FREE sample Sore No More

Request a free sample of Sore No More Natural pain relieving gel here.

Thanks Mojo Savings.


Beautiful People...

Did you ever notice on the blog at the top left corner, under the title Ah...Deals...Beckeesdeals, it says "Where the Beautiful People Come to Score a Deal"? Did you ever think, "I know I am beautiful, why would she write out such an obvious fact?"

I know a long time ago I told you all about this, but I thought I would let you new readers in on the joke. I have a personal (private) family blog, and as a sort of joke, I wrote the subtitle to that blog as "Where the beautiful people come." Well, when I started my bookclub blog, I continued the joke by writing "Where the beautiful people come to find a good book!" So, naturally, when I started this blog, I had to mention the obvious fact that this blog is (of course) ""Where the Beautiful People Come to Score a Deal"!

Welcome Beautiful people! I hope you are finding some great deals here today!

(The picture above is my husband and myself. Wes is making his best Zoolander face...I thought it was appropriate for the beautiful people post...)


FREE coffee at Starbucks tomorrow: BYOM (Bring your own mug)

Starbucks is offering FREE brewed coffee TOMORROW if you bring a reusable travel mug in.

To quote their website: "For the good of the planet, Starbucks is encouraging everyone to switch from paper cups to reusable travel mugs. One day in March thousands of New Yorkers made the switch. Join them now by taking a pledge to do the same." You can check out more about their program here

Thanks The Freebie Blogger.


**Bring back Family Movie Night!! This Friday watch "Secrets of the Mountain"

Did you grow up watching the family movies on TV? I did and I have fond memories of sitting together as a family and watching the lasted family friendy movie of the week. Well, we are lucky families this week because the family movie night is returning!!

As a Vocalpoint member, I received information on "Secrets of the Mountain" (and the return of family movie night) on behalf of P&G and Walmart. Since then I have anxiously awaited the night for this new family movie, and finally the time is drawing nigh!!

This Friday night, you will want to gather your family around the TV, pop some popcorn, cozy up, and watch the new movie "Secrets of the Mountain". It is a new action–packed adventure movie created with family in mind. This Friday, April 16th, 8/7c, tune in to NBC together and bring back family movie night!

Check out the trailer here or for more information about the movie from Walmart, click here or even more information from NBC, here.


Omaha: $25 for a One-Hour Swedish Massage!!

I cannot express how much I want this one!! Today's Omaha Groupon is $25 for a One-Hour Swedish Massage at On The Spot Massage Therapy ($50 Value)!

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Omaha page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!


SLC: $49 for photo shoot and package

Today's Salt Lake City Groupon is $49 for a 30-Minute Photo Shoot, Two Digital Files, and 10% Off Prints at Images by Jami ($180 Value).

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Salt Lake City page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!


Do you like comic books? Or soul music?

Any comic book lovers out there? If you are, you might be interested in today's Graveyard Mall deal of the day. It is 50 Comic Books (Marvel-DC-Epic-Topps & More) for only $9.99.

Graveyard Mall has also introduced a media deal of the day, and today's is a great one if you love soul music. It is Legends of Classic Soul 10 CD Collector's Set / Legends of Classic Soul 5 DVD Collector's Set / Legends of Classic Soul 10 DVD Collector Set which you can Compare At: $200.00. Today you can buy it at Graveyard Mall for only $23.99.

YOu can see both deals here.


$1 printer cartridge refills at Walgreens on Earth Day

You are probably all aware that Earth Day is coming up next Thursday (4/22). Well, good news. To celebrate Earth Day, Walgreens will be doing printer cartridge refills for only $1 on 4/22 with the coupon pictured above (which should be in your weekly ad on Sunday-make sure to watch for it).

What a great deal!!! I sure hope my new printer cartridges are ones that they refill! I guess I will have to check. If you want to see if they refill your printer cartridges, please check here.