Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Like" Libby's and get FREE can of veggies!!

If you "like" Libby's on Facebook here, then fill out there form and you will be able to get a coupon for a free can of their vegetables!! NICE freebie!! Check it out!

Thanks Mojo Savings!


Note to email subscribers!

Wow-that email today was out of control long!! Sorry about that! You have probably noticed that the emails are having some trouble-yesterday they did not send, and today it sent the uber-huge email of the world with emails dating up to a week back. Woah! I have been working on this problem all day and was able to get the emails to send again, but with problems. I believe I have now fixed it so that tomorrow will be "normal" again. I will continue to watch and monitor and fix this problem as necessary! Thanks for your patience!


Create Mothers Day Freebie

This Saturday and Sunday, Create in ElkHorn, NE will be holding a mother's Day Special. This is what it sayd on their Facebook Event page: "We're giving all mom's a present- a weekend to use our space to create your next masterpieces for FREE! So gather your photos, fabric, bits & pieces & come to CREATE for a great weekend of inspiration! Call today to reserve your spot!"

Please see their Facebook Page here and their event page here.

Thanks Merrilyn for letting me know about this!


Possible Free King's Hawaiian Bread for retweeters...

FYI, King's Hawaiian Bread (my fave) just posted the following Facebook status: "Aloha! Head on over to our Twitter page today for a chance to win FREE authentic Hawaiian bread! 4 followers & retweeters will be selected after 6PM PST tonight! Mahalo, the Folks at King's Hawaiian Bakery"

Their Twitter page is here.


Free Books really come sometimes!

I used to post a lot about possible free books from the publishers, but then I read on other blogs that those "Freebies" never come. I did not want to post things that will not come, so I stopped posting.

But I did not give up on them myself. I went back to a couple of the sites and read what they said about them, like Read it Forward through Crown Publishing. I found out that the way it works is that you apply to try to get a free advanced copy of the books they offer. (They happen to offer 3 a month) Then they will randomly select people to get the free advanced copies. Well, there are not a lot of copies, so you are lucky to get one. I love books though so I kept applying/filling out the forms for all 3 books every month since December.

A couple weeks ago I got an email saying I had been randomly selected to receive a book, "Claude and Camille: a Novel of Monet" by Stephanie Cowell. You can read about it here. I could not believe it and dared not post about it until I saw it with my own eyes. Well, friends, look what was delivered to my doorstep yesterday:

Free Books DO come sometimes!!! :)  Thank you Read it Forward, thank you! I cannot wait to begin reading it!


Starbucks: Frappuccino Happy Hour May 7-May 16.

So excited about this! Starbucks will be having Frappuccino Happy Hours from 3-5 pm between May 7 an May 16th. During Happy Hour you will be able to get a half price Frappuccino beverage. Please see details here.

Thank you Clippin' with Carie.


International Delights $1 off coupon

FYI, here is the follow-up status to the International Delights post I put up yesterday. Their new status says: We’re giving away $1 off coupons in honor of our new CoffeeHouse Inspirations Skinny flavors. Just visit our fan page and click on the “Skinny Coupon” tab at the top of our wall for your coupon. Please “Share” this with your family & friends! (Promotion Ends: 5/10/2010 at Midnight PST)


All You has a daily freebies page

I got an email from All You Magazine today asking me to complete a survey, and after I did, I was redirected to their deals and freebies site here. I noticed on there that they have a favorite daily favorite freebie site and wanted to share that with you. That site is found here. I am excited to watch this and see what kinds of freebies they come up with! :)


I wanna take a bite outta the Big Apple!

WOW-That really took some time to get together the NYC travel blog! I hope someone actually gets useful information out of it! I know I am jonesing for a trip there now!!!

Next week will be either Disneyland or Hawaii, so please send any tips and tricks to visiting Disneyland or Hawaii on a budget!


Disney Store: 15% off and free shipping

My sister just called me to let me know about a promotion The Disney Store has right now. When you purchase $50 or more of merchandise then enter code GIFT2010 at checkout you will get both 15% off and free shipping.

Often Disneyland or Disney World merchandise will be available online or in stores and my sister mentioned that a friend of hers buys the stuff on a sale like this then packs it with her when they visit a Disney park. Then each morning when her kids wake up, "the Disney Fairies" have delivered them souvenirs from that day. That helps you avoid buying expensive shirts and stuff at the parks!! Good tip!

Thanks Andrea and friend!!


Disney 50 days of Music: Day 2: "What's This"

Today's download is "What's This" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I just downloaded mine from the link in their Facebook status!

If you have not done so yet you can either become a friend on Facebook, a follower on Twitter or text Disney Music at 66937 so you can get your free downloads.


Glow Party at TRU Saturday May 8

This looks awesome! This Saturday, May 8 from 11-1 Toys R Us is having a Glow Explosion Party! It looks like fun! Make sure to clal your local store to see if they are participating before you head over!


SLC: er...Bountiful...up to 64% off at Body Perfect Tanning

Today's Salt Lake City Groupon is actually in Bountiful, and it is $10 for One Spray-Tan Session or One Week of Unlimited V.I.P. Ruva Tanning-Bed Sessions at Body Perfect Tanning (Up to $28 Value).

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Salt Lake City page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!

Omaha 50% off at Putting Plus

Today's Omaha Groupon is $10 for $20 Worth of Miniature Golf or Jump Shot Basketball at Putting Plus.

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Omaha page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!