Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sign up for itsThoughtful and spread the word to earn Amazon Gift codes!!

Friends-You will want to get in on this and quick! According to their own websites description,
"itsThoughtful is a vibrant social shopping community focused on gift shopping. Its a forum for people to share and discover the most popular, creative, thoughtful, unusual, funny, unique (we can add more adjectives but you get the idea) gift ideas in the world.
Its the new way to shop, share and discover great gifts for your loved ones."

I find the idea rather interesting! AND, If I get 15 people to join this website before 12/15 using my Referral Link, I will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card! AND the great part is that if you join then you too can send out your referral link to your friends and earn your own Amazon Gift Code!

So PLEASE Sign up (use your junk mail email) using my referral link!

After I hit my 15 referrals, I would be happy to change the referral link in this post to someone else's referral link and help you get your 15 referrals as well. So, after you sign up, leave your referral link in a comment here and I will change the referral link in this post after my 15 is reached!


I have WON 40+ prizes-want to know how?! (You too can be a winner!) :)

Wes and I figured out yesterday that I have won about 40+ blog giveaways/sweepstakes since February, about 30 of those are since August. I have been asked many times how I win so many giveaways, so I will tell you!

What I do to win so many giveaways:

1. I enter a lot of blog giveaways daily.
2. I occasionally enter a company sweepstakes.

How do I choose what to enter?

Here are my daily steps:

1. Everyday (well most days), I open the daily email from Tight Wad in Utah and I go to the daily "LOW entry Giveaways ending today" post. (25 or so of the blog giveaways I have won have come from that daily list)

2. If I have time that day, I go through and enter them all. (Well, I used to enter them all, but now that I have won so many I guess I am getting a bit picky and I do not enter the ones I know I do not want or need. However, that being said, sometimes I DO enter the ones I do not want/need because I have a specific purpose in mind for it in case I won it! For example, I do not drink coffee, but I would enter a coffee related giveaway because I know a lot of people that would love that as a gift!)

3. I do many of the "extra entry options" too so I stack my cards in my favor. Most blog giveaways offer a mandatory entry that you must do as your first entry in the giveaway drawing. (If that entry is too complex, I skip entering the giveaway all together-unless it is something I REALLY want) After the mandatory entry, many blogs offer additional bonus entries usually involving following their blog in various ways (through GFC-Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, daily emails, etc). I use my "junk" email to follow blogs so my real personal email does not get crammed full of blog emails daily. So-if you have not already-set up a separate email account for all your blog sign ups and for any sweepstakes or company emails you sign up for. In my gmail I even have it set up so my "junk" emails are automatically forwarded to a folder in my personal email so I only have to open ONE email to check both accounts!

4. If a giveaway has more than 200 entries already, I don't enter (unless it is something I really want to win). Seriously! I rarely enter giveaways with more than 200 entries and I rarely enter company sweepstakes. However, if I can enter something quickly and easily, I will enter it!


I just play the odds-enter LOW entry giveaways. Do the bonus entries, and hopefully once in a while you will catch a break and get lucky!

And for those that are wondering, yes, some of the things I win are small and may not seem worth the entry, but hey-I love to win ANYTHING! And I have won some really nice things!! So, just to give you an idea, here are some of the things I have won:
  • $50 Amazon gift card, multiple $10-$25 Amazon gift cards
  • 4-5 different books
  • 3 CSN Gift codes (ranging from $20-$70 in value)
  • Knives
  • Skin Care
  • A Bushel of Strawberry Milanos
  • An Annie Chun's Dinner Party
  • Many Photo books, prints and gift codes
  • A beautiful Personalized 11x14 print about my baby girl
  • Baby birth announcements to use when this baby is born
  • Soft Lips, Chapsticks, and Carmex gift packs
  • 3 nursing covers
  • an isABelt for my daughter
  • a $20 virtual Visa card
  • a Nuts About Granola Gift Card
  • A $25 Applied Labels credit
  • A UPrinting Vinyl Banner
  • Tickler Tags
  • A Smarty Rents 3 month Membership
  • A Breyers Prize Package
  •  $25 Gift Card to Quality Candy/King Leo
  • A Snikkidy Package
  • A Noodles & Company giveaway (lots of free food on that one!!)
  • A Blush Candle (smells SOOOO good.)
  • A Costco Gift pack including Supersized boxes of Nature Valley Bars and Simply Fruit Rolls and a $25.00 Costco Gift card
  • A Pre Paid Phone Card
So, You can see some prizes are bigger than others, but I guarantee I loved and appreciated winning each and every one! 

I hope these little "winning" tips can help you win some fun stuff! Please let me know if you win blog giveaways! I LOVE to hear about your success stories-whether they be in winning a prize, scoring a deal or whatever!!!

Now-go enter some giveaways-you can start with the ones I have going on-see the box on the right side of the blog for the current giveaways-they all have LOW entries right now!


50-60% off Iceberg in SLC from TODAY only!!

For this Christmas season, CityDeals in SLC is offering 25 deals of Christmas. Today is day 10 and the offer is a personal favorite! It is for 50% off one of my favorite food spots from my youth, Iceberg!! AND you can get an additional 10% off on this deal if you enter code BERG at checkout! But the deal ends at midnight so jump on it quick!

You can see that deal here. And go check out all their great deals here.


Dave & Buster's Winner!!

I used to generate a winner in the $25 Dave & Buster's Power Card giveaway. I had 55 entries, and chose comment #14 which was Leandrea at Coupons Are Great!

Leandrea at Coupons Are Great said...
My closest location is 14.4 miles. leandrea246(at)

I have emailed Leandrea and she has 48 hours to get back to me (If you are Leandrea and did not get my email, please email me at beckeesdeals AT gmail DOT com)!

Congrats Leandrea!!!