Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Downy facebook giveaway @3 central time today BE READY!

FYI, Downy is also doing giveaways on FB from Jan 23 through Feb 1!! Check out their newest status update:
Good morning! Here are a few more details about the "Mike in the Window" giveaways. Downy will be giving away daily freebies for 10 days (Jan 23- Feb 1): 700 "I SLEPT WITH DOWNY" t-shirts and 10 "Clean Sheet Week" packages per day. The "Clean Sheet Week" packages include Macy's Charter Club queen sheet set, 40ld Ultra ...Downy April Fresh and a Downy Ball, and have an est retail value of $100. Good luck, everybody!
WOW-they also posted that today the giveaway begins at 4PM EST (Which is 3PM here in the central time zone...dang! I will be picking up at preschool-I hope my new smartphone gets good service at the school!!)

GO here now to like Downy on FB so you will be ready to go at the giveaway time!