Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beckees day...

Well folks it is an icy, snowy day here in Omaha and school has been cancelled. Normally I think if this as a great time to play with my kids (and to get them to do some work around this messy house!). :)

However, as you likely know, I am 31 weeks pregnant today (there is a pregnancy countdown on the right side of the blog that I am sure you check daily as I do-I hope my sarcasm is showing through.). I had a Drs appointment 3 weeks ago and guess what? It was a snow day and I had to take 4, yes 4 kids with me to the OB/GYN...I was not happy.

Well, today is my next appointment...I cried when I heard that school was closed today. I cannot bring 4 kids to the OB/GYN again...it was torture.
Luckily, my husband has arranged to take the afternoon off! YEAH-I will now get to go to the Dr with no children! BUT, that also means I will have no computer access this afternoon and evening as my husband will be studying. So, I will get as much done this morning as I can and we will have to leave it at that!

Have a great day!!!



Michelle Saunderson said...

Hope the weather gets better there and hope you have a good appointment.