Monday, February 7, 2011

My Favorite SuperBowl commercials...

Here are my Top 5 (ok there are 6 with Salsa's pick) favorite Super Bowl commercials in order starting with my very favorite!! Enjoy:
1. Pepsi Max Love Hurts:

This one made me laugh out loud for a long time!!!

2. Teleflora Flowers:

SO, you sent that? My Heart told me to. HAHAHA

3. Volkswagon Darth Vader:

Can you even imagine how much my boys LOVE this and how much they are walking around today trying to use the force?!

4. The E Trade Baby and Enzo the tailor:

Good one!

5. The Beiber/Ozzie Best Buy:

What's a Beiber?!

6. Coke Seige:

This one was my daughter's favorite and she would be really upset if I forget it on this post!

So, what were your favorites?!