Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WOW-great day (and teaser for some upcoming blog fun!!!)

WOW-I love days like this where I feel like I can just take a breath and enjoy! I had a sweet lunch at Brueggers Bagels with the 2 youngest kids.

While I was there I was able to confirm that that Wes (my handsome husband) and Sugar Pup (aka Army-my 4-yr-old) will be modeling for a photo shoot for our newspaper. It will be super cute-won't come out until April though so you will have to wait to see how cute they are. But as a preview, here are the 2 of them together at the Filipino village exhibit in Spokane 2 years ago (so Army is bigger and even cuter now if you can imagine):

After we took Sugar Pup/Army to school, Cat and I came home where we had a quick mommy daughter dance party and went down for a little nap (she's napping).

The doorbell rang and my order from CSN stores came. Check out what I ordered:

I cannot wait to set it up and tell you all about it!!!

AND my friend Kelly is going to sponsor a Review/Giveaway from her Thirty One business.  She is going to stop by this afternoon with something for me to review and I could not be more excited!! That review/giveaway should be up later tonight or tomorrow-be on the look out!!! As a teaser, I will tell you the giveaway will look a little something like this (but will be embrodiared with Nacho Lunch in Orange):
What a great day! I hope you all have had the chance to take a breath and have some fun things happening today as well! Maybe there will be good mail and it will just add to my excitement!!