Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am a Real HouseMom of Douglas County...seriously...

Wow-Am I really a "Real HouseMom of Douglas County"? It appears I am...I am just not totally sure what that really means...I do think it means that after the first round of competition/games on Saturday I will need to have you all go on and vote for me...if I is my issue:
I AM a real HouseMom, and as it turns out, I have 3 kids currently playing sports, and guess what? 2 of them have conflicting games at 9:30 am. So, even with Wes off work, I am not sure how we work this and have me competing from 10-noon across town...sigh...

I am sure if I do compete though you it will be hilarious to watch me try to do the things they are having the HouseMoms do. The Village Pointe website says:

The Real HouseMoms of Douglas County is a fun, fresh contest for all moms to enter! Women from around the city will compete in selected areas such as:
- Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning
- Scheduling
- Carpooling
- School Lunch-Making
- Laundry
- Youth Sports Knowledge

Um...Laundry, really-wow-I hope they don't stop by the house and see the 8 clean, dry, unfolded loads in my living room (actually I folded one this morning so we are down to 7 now...)

I am sure this will be fun, but seriously, based on these categories, I am doubting my ability to win this thing...

This message brought to you by the random thoughts of Beckee...