Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where in the world is Beckee J? DISNEYLAND...well, I was...

I owe you all a big fat apology and explanation. Last week was complicated and I knew it would be. I knew I would be unlikely to be able to post, but I could not explain because one of the big complicated things I had going on was a surprise. A surprise for a lovely young lady that reads my blog!
Let me explain. This is my youngest sister Melanie:

She is about to leave on an 18 month religious mission for our church. Before she leaves, she wanted to go to Disneyland with our baby brother. In fact they have been saving up for this. Well, my dad decided we should surprise her and have myself and my sister Andrea show up at Disneyland. As it turned out, due to work schedules and stuff, I was only able to go for one day-Friday.

So, I boarded a plane with my baby boy on Thursday evening at 7 pm, and after a layover I arrived at LAX at about midnight (that's 2 am in my time zone). I took a Super Shuttle to my hotel in Anaheim and arrived there about 1:20am (3:20 my time). I tried to get the baby to sleep so we would be well rested when they family arrived at like 8am. It did not work.

I managed to surprise my brother and sister. Check out this ultra blurry picture of their surprise as they saw me and baby E:

We spent a very cold and rainy and gloomy day at DL and California Adventures. We left a bit early since we were all soaked to the bone and cold and I had to feed my baby (who was already at the hotel with my parents). I rested and took care of baby for about 2 hours before we had to turn around and head to LAX again for me to return, I got took the red eye which left LAX at 12:45am (LA time-2:45am my time) and had a layover then finally arrived home at 10:30 am. Phew-it was a fast and furious trip!

In spite of the tight time restraints and the gloomy weather, I had a great time and was glad to get to spend the day with my family. Sadly my sister Andrea and I were unable to go the same day out there so she arrived in LA as I arrived back home on Saturday morning. They had a blast the rest of the weekend though I hear (with great weather). Here are some of my fun pictures from my day away:

Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to read my blog. I have a lot to catch up on!