Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beckee's Best of Omaha Grocery Deals 3/9-3/15

Here are my favorite deals in Omaha grocery this week:

  • Charmin Ultra Bathroom Tissues 9 large Roll $3.99
  • General Mills Cereals (8.9 oz Cheerios, 12 oz Golden Grahams, or any other variety from 10.6-11.8 oz) 3/$5 (about $1.67 each)
  • Fresh Green Cabbage $.19/lb
In addition to their regular week long special, Hy Vee also has a 3 Day Sale Wednesday 3/9-Saturday 3/12 that includes the following:

  • Roberts 24 oz Cottage Cheese $1.88
AND In addition to their regular week long special, Hy Vee also has a 2 Day Sale Thursday 3/10-Friday 3/11 that includes the following:
  • Saltine Crackers 9-26 oz $.99 (limit 2)
  • Red seedless Grapes $.99/lb
  • Skippy Peanut Butter 15 or 16.3 oz $.99 (limit 2)
  • Colgate 4.6 oz toothpaste $.88
  • Keebler cookies 6.6-18 oz 3/$5 (About $1.67 each)
  • Hy-Vee Butter 16 oz $1.99
  • Totitos Tortilla Chips 9-13 oz $1.99
  • Pepsi Product 6 pack bottles 4/$10 ($2.50 each)
No Frills Fresh
  • Petite Sirloin Steak $2.99/lb
  • Michelina's Budget Gourmet Entrees $.57 (limit 10)
  • Little Debbie Snacks 10.6-16.2 oz varieties $.98
  • Our Family (generic) Mac N Cheese 3/$1
  • Quaker cereals-Life, Oatmeal Squares or Cap'N Crunch 15-16 oz $1.68
  • 10 lb bag Russet Potatoes $2.99
Bag N Save
  • Boneless Beef Top Round Roast $2.88/lb
  • Land O Lakes 56 oz Ice Cream $1.99
  • Corned Beef Brisket $1.37/lb (limit 2)
  • Coke Product 12 packs 4/$11 ($2.75 each)
In addition to their regular week long special, Bag N Save also has a 3 Day Sale Friday 3/11-Sunday 3/13 that includes the following:
  • Tyson Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters $.69/lb
  • Shasta Sodas 12 cans $1.99
Baker's (Remember their sales are almost always WITH card)
  • Fresh Ground Round beef $2.19/lb (sold in 3 lb roll for $6.57)
  • Baker's Milk Gallon $2.59
  • Pepsi Product 2 L $.95
  • Kroger (generic) cheese 6-8 oz (shredded, sliced or block) $1.77
  • Mangos 10/$10
  • Whole Fresh Pineapple $.99 each
  • Avocados $.29 each
  • Navel Oranges 4 lb bag $1.49
  • Broccoli $1.39/lb
Super Saver
  • Clementines 5 lb box $4.96
  • Kraft Mac N Cheese 2/$1
  • Red Potatoes 15 lb bag $2.78
  • Best Choice Yogurt 6 oz 3/$1
  • Old Orchard Apple Blends or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 64 oz $1.18
  • Coke Products 24 packs $5.38 (limit 2)
  • Keebler cookies 50% off
  • Cottonelle 6 double roll Bath Tissues $3.27

In addition to their regular week long special, Super Saver also has a 3 Day Sale Friday 3/11-Sunday 3/13 that includes the following:
  • Lay's Kettle Chips 8.5 oz $1.98
  • 7Up Products 6 pack bottles $1.78 (limit 2)
  • Fresh Asparagus $1.64/lb
  • Fresh Strawberries $1.46/lb
  • Dozen Roses bunch $4.98 (while supplies last)
  • Dozen Large Eggs $.99
  • Rotella Vienna Bread $.99
  • Fresh Green Beans $.99/lb
  • Frozen Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 3 lb bag $4.99
***Remember that I generally just price match at Walmart as much as I can rather than go to all the stores separately! I LOVE being able to do that. You can also pricematch at Target, but I find it easier to pricematch at Walmart.


Red Box: Even better with the Online Reservation system!!

How many of you love Red box?! I know I do! If you have not tried it yet, it is a only a buck a night for DVD"s that you can get out of the Red Box machine (which is like a DVD vending machine). My only frustration with Red Box is that sometimes I go looking for a specific movie only yo find out it in not at that location. That is why I am startign to L.O.V.E. their online reservation system!! I can log on to my account, see what near by location has what I want, reserve it online and run over and pick it up! Easy as pie and I get what I want to watch!!

I highly recommend signing up online for Red Box and trying out the online reservation system! You will LOVE it!


(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Like Father Like Son

I LOVE that so many bloggers do a Wordless Wednesday post, so I thought I would try one today! However, I realized I am not very wordless, so this is my "mostly" wordless Wednesday post...Do you remember I mentioned that my husband and son modeled for the local newspaper (it will be coming out in a few weeks)?! Well, I took a few shots after they got home from their photo shoot, so here is a little preview...

Aren't they cute? I will tell you when to look for them in the paper...


Wholly Guacamole! Another coupon!!!

As you probably know if you follow this blog, I LOVE Guacamole, so I am very happy to report that Wholly Guacamole has a new coupon available in honor of The Biggest Loser last night! To get it just go like Wholly Guacamole on Facebook, then get your coupon here! (FYI-it does make you log in or register for their page to access coupon...)


Groupon $20 Referral bonus for limited time...

Hey-Do you already use Groupon? If so, you will want to check your email accounts (the one you used to sign up for Groupon) because for a limited time, when you refer a friend to Groupon you’ll earn $20 Groupon Bucks (after your friend buys their first Groupon). Usually the referral pay out is only $10, so you are earning 2X the norm!! But this offer is for a limited time-only until March 21st.

NOW that being said, if you have NOT signed up for Groupon yet, PLEASE sign up through my referral link here, and even if you do not see a Groupon you would like to buy today, there might be something later this week or some other time that you won't want to miss!

SO, if you sign up using my referral link, then you can check the daily deals and if/when you find one you like and you purchase it, I will get the $20 referral bonus! AND once you have signed up under my referral, you can start referring your friends as well and earning your own referral bonuses!


Walmart's NEW coupon Policies...

In the past, I have recommended that you print out the coupon policies of the stores you shop at and have them with your coupons. I always do this just so I can show the checker if need be-often employees do NOT know the company policies as well as they ought to. So, I just print out and keep a copy with me so I know what I can and cannot use and I can show the checker or manager if need be (politely of least at first).

I mention this today, because it is time to get rid of your old Walmart coupon policy and print out a new one as they have updated and made some changes to their coupon policy. You can check out and print the new Walmart Coupon Policies here.


Walmart trip-over $100 in savings!!!

I had a fantastic shopping trip to Walmart the other day and have not yet posted it for you to see!! I have to admit, I have quite a few FREE coupons and I had some great price matches as well-plus they had a FANTASTIC sale on the clothing I bought! ($1 for kids clothing regularly marked $12 to clearance out the winter stuff!!)

OK-here are my deal details. You can see all the items in the picture above. I figured out that had I paid normal price for all of it (no coupons, pricematches or sales), I would have spent $145.08 + Tax. Check out the receipt to see my final price:

Yes-you read that right, the final price on all that was $39.08 + Tax. (May I also note that of that money spent,  $13.75 was on 5-12 packs of soda, and $4.66 was spent on the only 2 items I spent full price on-mushrooms and celery. So, the other 21 items cost me a grand total of $20.67) My total overall savings was a WHOPPING $106!!! WAHOO!!

In case you cannot see all I got in the pic, here is a list:
  • 2-3 lb bags of chicken
  • 1-2 lb sliced mushrooms
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 4 packages of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • 5-12 packs of soda
  • 1 bag Mission Tortilla Chips
  • 3 boxes Fiber Plus bars
  • 1 package of the NEW Philadelphia Cooking Creme
  • 2 Hazelnut CoffeeMate Creamers
  • 1 30 oz bag od El Monterey Taquitos
  • 1 HUGE bag of Gorton's Fish Fillets
  • 1 Package of Purex Complete Crystals
  • 1 girls skirt
  • 2 boys hoodies
  • 2 girls tee shirts
Trips like this still amaze me!! What great deals have you scored lately?!


Book Review: Couples Who Pray (+ Book Sneeze)

I review for BookSneeze®

As I mentioned before, I LOVE to read (in all my spare time LOL). I recently told you that I will now get to read and review books for free thanks to Book Sneeze. If you are a blogger that would like to read and review books they send you for free, you should go to their site and sign up. It only took me a day to get approved and I got my first book, Couples Who Pray, very quickly.

I have finished reading it finally this week, and found it was very interesting. I find I am coming from a very different perspective than the couples in the book. I grew up always being told to pray together as families and couples so we always have. This book challenges couples to take a 40 day Prayer Challenge where they pray together as a couple for at least 5 minutes a day. Most couples in the book are adding praying together to their marriages for the first time. Though there is a variety of couples, most had never even thought of praying as couples before given this challenge.

First, to get this out of the way, the negative...For me, I would say the main downfall of the book is that the couples they chose to focus on are all either famous or semi famous. There is not really a "normal joe" among them. (I like having some famous people in the mix, but would like to have had more maybe a "regular" non famous couple that does not live in Martha's Vineyard...maybe an inner city couple from NYC?!) But that aside, I thought it was an interesting read about prayer.

Now, the POSITIVES about this book...first, I should say that my personal opinion is that Prayer within couples and families will bless and help your life in ways you cannot imagine. I have great faith in prayer and always have. So, you have to know that is the stand point I am reading from. That being said, it was easy for me to accept their very bold statements like that "Prayer WILL change your marriage" or that taking the challenge in the book will change your marriage, that you will find Prayer to be the "most intimate act between a man and woman". It was easy for me to read the stories and experiences of couples who took the challenge and told their stories of miracles/blessings (or as the book calls them "God Winks") that occurred. I believed them and that these blessing probably did come due to prayer.

I believe your own faith can grow by hearing/reading about others' faith-building experiences, so I liked reading the stories. And I LOVE that the book takes it a step further-not just telling and sharing the faith-building stories, but then also extending a challenge out to the readers to try the same thing the couples in the book tried.

Now-if you are coming from a viewpoint where you do not already believe in prayer like I do, I could see that you may be skeptical about a lot of claims and stories in the book, but I felt the authors were aware that people would feel that way. They extend the invitation to try it for yourself if you do not believe and they claim it will change your marriage-essentially I got the impression that they believe that any couple that takes the challenge will come to believe in prayer as a couple and will have a closer, improved marriage and relationship overall!

I recommend reading this book if for no other reason than to read these experiences. And if you are looking for some extra credit-go ahead and try out the challenge! The book gives you all the tools to get going on the 40 Day challenge!

You can check out the book and see other reviews of it here.


OUCH...that gas fill up hurt!! Find the cheapest Omaha Gas Prices...

I am sure all of us that drive are feeling a bit like the picture above!! I know I am! Gas prices KILL my budget and break my heart a little each time I fill up...I suspect that will not end with gas prices on the rise again, but for locals, I wanted to share a website I heard about on the radio this morning as I drove the kiddos to Spanish class. is a website where people post the least expensive gas prices they spot. I know there are other sites that do similar things, but I really liked this one because it is local and is updated by locals looking out for each other! So, if you want to know where the least expensive gas prices are locally, check out!

Do you have another resource you can share or any tips for getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to gas?! I would LOVE to hear your money saving tips on this topic!!


Possible FREE mini blizzard?! 1 PM (central time) today!!!

This could turn out to be very awesome (or very frustrating depending on what the offer is and how over run their website becomes). Nonetheless, I wanted to let you know that tha countdown has begun at Dairy Queen's website for some Sweet Freebies. What freebies, you ask?! Well, this is what their website says:

Sound the alarm, let the fireworks fly, shout from the rooftop, scream at the top of your lungs. The countdown to the biggest giveaway in Dairy Queen history has begun! If you like free stuff, you’ve come to the right place! In celebration of the Mini Blizzard Treat we’re giving away so much free stuff, we don’t even know what half of it is. OK. We do know what it is, we just like keeping you in suspense. The clock’s ticking. Get ready, the Mini Blizzard Treatment is about to go down!
*U.S. only

If you look at the website right now, there is a countdown clock letting us know it will go live at 1PM central time (if I am doing my math right-it says about 4.5 hours from now and it is currently 8:30 am central time...) Yeah...1 PM central time! I am excited to check back this afternoon and hopefully score some great free stuff as promised! :)

Thanks for the heads up Clippin with Carie.


Yum...a bagel sounds great...or a $5.99 dozen sounds even better!!!

I LOVE bagels! LOVE them...I used to ditch class to run over and snag bagels in high school-I never got in trouble because I would come back (very late) to my classes with a couple dozen bagels for the class! My teachers actually liked me more for it I think (or maybe I imagined that). :) Either way-you could be loved by all as well and do it for less by buying your bagel dozens at Brueggers Bagels on Wednesdays! A Dozen bagels is only $5.99 on Wednesdays for a limited time.

**I got an email about this from my local Omaha Brueggers, but I think it is a national deal. However, I recommend calling your local store to see if they also have this deal before heading over for your dozen! You can find local stores using the store locator on the Brueggers Bagels website!


Have you entered to win?! (+ Purex coupon)

Snag the coupon while you can and make sure to enter to win the giveaway!!

I am still really loving my Purex Complete Crystals softners, and I want you to be able to try them out!! SO this is another reminder to make sure you go here and print out a money saving coupon so you can try them yourself!!

Also, if you want the chance to WIN a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Complete Crystals, make sure you Go here and enter my giveaway. It is a quick giveaway-ends this Sunday,  3/13!!

Now that you have seen what you can win, go enter the giveaway. AND in the meantime while you wait to see whether you won, print out a money saving coupon!!