Thursday, August 18, 2011

Confession: A giant Mouse named Mickey has taken over my life...

Have you noticed the posts have been a bit sparse lately? Have you wondered what was going on? I wish I could give you a responsible answer like that I have been doing lots of great charity work in a third world country, or that I have been working on a big project that will blow you all away...but the truth is that a giant mouse has taken over my life, or more accurately, my brain!
My husband and I use pretty much all his vacation time to go see our families in Utah because we love them and miss them and want to see them. Also, when we visit them, it is not too expensive because they feed and shelter us while we are there. What this means though is that we have not taken a real family vacation really ever. You know the kind of vaca I mean-the kind where we pick a destination and I act like a grown up and start finding the best deals to make it happen. The kind where we plan and pick out a perfect place and make it a dream vacation that all 7 of our family members will enjoy, and were we do not rely on the kindness of our families to support us while there...

Can I back up a bit and tell you something about me...I am a Disney FREAK! We went to Disneyland often when I was growing up and I loved it. I had never been to Disney World though. When my husband chose a destination to take me for our honeymoon, I was delighted to hear we were going to Orlando, assuming it meant we were going to DW. He had no intentions of going there, but when he realized my excitement over Disney, he arranged to have one of the days at DW. I chose the park (Magic Kingdom as it was most like Disneyland). We went for a day and I loved it.

That was my only time at DW.

In April of 2008 I wrote a bucket list of what I want to do before I die. Number 25 was travel a lot, and number 42 was Go to Disney World with my whole family. This is a two part goal-I want to take my family I live with (me, Wes, the kids), and I would also like to have my whole family (mom, dad, sibs, their spouses and kids...) go someday.

This May was my 10th anniversary. Wes was working so we had a small celebration at home watching a movie while the kids slept. Wes wanted to do something big. So he is doing it, a few months later...

My birthday is coming up, and for my birthday, Wes took the week off and we are taking our 5 kids to DISNEY WORLD!! Since I found out and the planning commenced, I have thought of nothing but Disney...somehow we managed to get the kids started in school and in fall sports, but all I want to do is read about the WORLD and plan out the events of the trip...I may be obsessed, or addicted to Disney...I am not sure, but I am for sure excited and wanted to share with all of you my excitement!

Have you been to Disney World? Tell me something about it-your best tips or maybe your favorite ride? What are the MUST SEE shows and the MUST RIDE rides for a family there for the first time? Share your Disney fun with me and help my excitement build!! I promise I will blog still and eventually I will fold all that laundry over there...


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