Thursday, August 25, 2011

What FREE Resbox movie will you watch TONIGHT?

So, you can get a code for a FREE Redbox movie tonight! You just need to go Like Redbox on Facebook. Then click on the "America's Movie Night" Tab on the Left. The follow the instructions to get the code for a free movie (must be used today)!

Thanks to one of my FAVORITE bloggers Counponing to Disney for alerting me to this fine freebie!!


I am a Real HouseMom of Douglas County...seriously...

Wow-Am I really a "Real HouseMom of Douglas County"? It appears I am...I am just not totally sure what that really means...I do think it means that after the first round of competition/games on Saturday I will need to have you all go on and vote for me...if I is my issue:
I AM a real HouseMom, and as it turns out, I have 3 kids currently playing sports, and guess what? 2 of them have conflicting games at 9:30 am. So, even with Wes off work, I am not sure how we work this and have me competing from 10-noon across town...sigh...

I am sure if I do compete though you it will be hilarious to watch me try to do the things they are having the HouseMoms do. The Village Pointe website says:

The Real HouseMoms of Douglas County is a fun, fresh contest for all moms to enter! Women from around the city will compete in selected areas such as:
- Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning
- Scheduling
- Carpooling
- School Lunch-Making
- Laundry
- Youth Sports Knowledge

Um...Laundry, really-wow-I hope they don't stop by the house and see the 8 clean, dry, unfolded loads in my living room (actually I folded one this morning so we are down to 7 now...)

I am sure this will be fun, but seriously, based on these categories, I am doubting my ability to win this thing...

This message brought to you by the random thoughts of Beckee...