Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Krispy Kreme donuts on Saturdays?!

I bet a lot of you already knew about this, but I am new to the world of donuts (I never used to like or eat any sweets really growing up). Anyway, we took our kids to Krispy Kreme here in Omaha on 120th and Center for a treat a few weeks ago, and the girl working there said that on Saturday mornings when the Hot Now light is on it means you can come in and get a free glazed donut (one per person of course)! WHAT?! Have any of you ever tried that? We haven't yet, but I plan to soon (this weekend?!). We are so using that as a (FREE) bribe/treat with our kids!!

Can I also note that their current Dark Chocolate Kreme filling donut is AH-MAZING!!