Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Omaha Readers: SkateDaze Mom's club is BACK!!!!!!!

One of my favorite things to do during school in Omaha is back at SkateDaze! Check it out (I am using their email verbatim):

Tricycles, Scooters and Skates...oh my! Mom's Club is coming to SkateDaze!

When your big kids go back to school, let your little kids burn off their pent up energy by bouncing, playing and skating! $5 per person lets you play, bounce and skate *skate rental is FREE!

Parents can participate, or choose to do our $2 coffee time, where you get a cup of coffee and a pastry!

Punch cards are available too! To play: $40 for 10 punches Coffee Time: $15 for 10 punches

Your little one may also bring in their favorite wheeled toy! All wheels must be free of rocks.

Don't let the change in weather slow your family down!

Tuesdays-Fridays Starting August 21st 10am-3pm *rink time subject to change