Friday, August 17, 2012

The return of the Weekend Warriors series: Lake Zorinsky repost

One of the weekly items I used to do that I want to bring back is my Friday feature called Weekend Warriors. It is where I share a bunch of info on one of my favorite places to visit in a day or weekend. I thought I would start out by reposting my very most often viewed blog post EVER! The original Weekend Warriors: Lake Zorinsky post can be seen here, or just keep reading because I am posting it below as well! Enjoy!
As a reminder, I intend for this series of posts to give suggestions of good day trips you can make in and around Omaha with your family. Hopefully it will give some good ideas of things to do close to home for local readers (and for those of you visiting Omaha, it might give you some ideas of what to do while you are here). So far I have talked about the following:
  • The Henry Doorly Zoo here
  • Adventureland in Iowa here
  • Eugene T Mahoney State Park here
  • Shenandoah, Iowa here
Today, I want to talk about a favorite place for our family to visit any day of the week: Zorinsky Lake.  Check out the pictures I took of the sunset over the beautiful lake (this is from up on the trail):

Zorinsky Lake is located at 156th and F streets in West Omaha. There is a HUGE lake with about 7 miles of walking trails around it, a couple playgrounds, lots of picnic shelters, and now a brand new swimming area with water slides (opening tomorrow!!).

We LOVE to walk around the lake as a family and could easily spend all day there. If we were to spend the day there, here is what I would do:
Pack up a cooler for lunch (or the makings of a BBQ), then  choose which of the following activities I wanted to fit in:
  • The new pool (This does cost money, but not bad for a daycation)
  • Walk around the lake
  • Play at the playground
  • If I had a boat (or a friend with one) I would happily just go boating all day!
  • Fishing
  • BBQ
Now, just as an FYI, you can reserve some of the covered shelters if you want to make sure you have a place to eat and hang out. You can find more infor about Shelter rentals here.

AND I will add a few things: The water Park is AWESOME and inexpensive for what it is. You could spend all day there if you wanted to! Or spend part of the day there and enjoy the rest the Lake has to offer as well.

Also, many of you in Omaha are likely aware of the fact that the lake was drained to get rid of Zebra Mussels and was empty and frankly really ugly for the last year (ish). Well, I can happily report that when we last went to the lake in June right before moving, it was almost totally full agian and lookig BEAUTIFUL as usual!!

So, head on over to Lake Zorinsky and ENJOY!!!