Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FAM Farm Laundry Soap Review and #giveaway!! (ends 4/5/12)

Boy am I excited to share with you this FANTASTIC product I got to try out (and one of YOU will also get to try)! It is Homemade Laundry Soap from The FAM Farm and it is awesome! I love the product, and even more, I LOVE supporting a "mompreneur". Let me tell you about it!

What is it?

As I said, it is homemade laundry soap. And this is what The FAM farm website says about it:
Made with all natural phosphate free ingredients, safe for septic system, low sudsing for GE washers, gentle enough for baby clothes and your other 'delicates' and yet is works so hard on tough stains and smells--including the smell of cat urine, something no other laundry detergent I have ever used has been able to do.

This soap is the what they mean when they say 'big things come in small packages' because each load only requires 1 TBS--even in our super capacity 4.3 cu ft HE washer

(the soap ships in BPA free bags, but this picture is to give you an idea of how much, the Quarts contain 64 loads, the pint contains 32 loads--once the soap arrives you can always put it in any airtight container you want, or leave it in the baggie)

What did I think?

Well. I must admit, I was a little leery. As I have mentioned many times, we have some very sensitive skin in this house, particularly on my husband and my 5-year-old son. These guys can hardly use any soaps (gentle baby soap only), one is allergic to sunscreen, and one is allergic to deodorant. Both break out in terrible rashes often (especially when I change soaps or laundry detergent). So, I was a little worried about changing up their laundry soap. Meagan (the mastermind mom over at The FAM Farm) knew about the sensitive skin and even before sending me any products to try, she asked a lot of questions about what has and has not worked for the guys here. She took great care to make up something for us that would work! And the results were fantastic.

Right before Meagan contacted me to review her soap, Mr Beckee's Deals had started to become sensitive to the laundry soap I was using. The poor guy was so rashy and he couldn't stand the itch that was everywhere (his clothes, the sheets, EVERYWHERE). So, unbeknownst to him, when I got my The FAM Farm soap, I switch on him. I did not tell him, but he was complaining less about rashes. I asked him about it and he said it seems to have gotten better. Booh Yeah! The new Laundry soap worked!

Oh and guess what? It smells good! And it gets out stains and still keeps my delicates nice. Needless to say, I liked it. A Lot.

Where can you get this awesome product?

Well, Check out The FAM Farm website where you can order your very own Laundry soap, She has other great products as well (like some dishwasher soap I also tried and liked). Soon she will be making goat soaps and will be using essential oils from a company called Doterra. She is an IPC for them and you can check out her page there as well: MyDoterra page for Meagan.

Also check out her Facebook Page, and her new blog.

What can you win?

One lucky Beckee's Deals reader will win 2 sample soaps of their choosing (which is the the same thing I got)--2 bags each containing 16-32 loads of laundry soap and/or automatic dishwasher detergent. To enter, just use the rafflecopter form below (it may take a minute to load):