Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video Review: Hasbro Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider

I got the awesome opportunity to try out and review the NEW Hasbro Rocktivity Walk N Roll Rider toy a while ago through EXPO Tv. Now that the Rocktivity toys are coming out I can tell you how much we loved it! Check out my video review here:

You also watch my review here and see all the other Rocktivity toys and reviews as well!

Usborne Bookcase AWESOME deal!!!

Hey all! I love books, especially children's books! And one of my favorite companies to buy them from is Usborne. And recently my sister-in-law started selling for them, so now I have an inside track to the best deals and steals they have going on! I am so super excited to share this one with you!

Usborne has these incredible bookcases for boys and girls and rocking chairs that match. They are awesome and they are on special right now. (It is a good enough deal, in fact that the boy version appears to be gone already). Comparable book cases are currently online for about $160 and right now the bookcases are only $72.34 on Usborne. WHAT!!! They are so super cute. I am thinking of getting one for my 4-year-old for Christmas (don't tell her...).

If you are interested in buying this or any other awesome items from Usborne, please order from Ashley! She set up a "party" for Beckee's Deals readers to purchase through. Once you go to the website here, just click on the Beckee's Deals link then search for "bookcase" to find this great deal!

(I should disclose that if you do buy through the party event I could potentially get party hosting benefits. If you want to purchase and do not want to go through the event that is not a problem, but please buy it from Ashley and help out my sister in law! That would be awesome!!)

FREE Target Beauty bag!

Hey guys! One of my favorite FREEBIE samples is the Target beauty bags, and they are available right now!! Just go to the Facebook page here to sign up and you will get your bag in 6-8 weeks. LOVE this one!! Go claim yours now!