Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why another blog? Because I am OBSESSED!

About a month or so ago, my husband's cousin Christy, posted a picture on her Facebook page of a shopping trip where she saved more than half her bill by couponing and carefully budgeting. I had just that day heard about "Super couponing." I had a few months ago begun religiously going through my local grocery ads and price matching everything at Walmart (cheap, one-stop shopping). I was really trying to save money and spend very little on our monthly groceries and expenses. I was also trying to spend as little as possible on Christmas gifts while still making it a great Christmas all around. I was watching ads, but after Christy's post on Facebook I saw that she had posted the name of a frugal blog where she had seen the deals. I went there, and in the past month, I have discovered a whole new world and level of "saving" that I had no idea existed.

I have a confession about it, I became obsessed. From the first blog, I found a second, and a third, and many many more resources to save, save SAVE!! I admit it, I became obsessed, and I have truly spend a great deal of the past month glued to Wesley's new laptop checking frugal blogs, couponing sites, looking for freebies, finding ways to save. I just really want to get as much free stuff as possible...

Now, I should tell you all that I come by this obsession honestly!! There is a famous story in my family about my Papou (Greek for Grandfather) who recently passed away. Once many years ago, Papou went shopping and though I do not remember all the details accurately (my memory stinks), the basic jest is that on a shopping trip, he found ash trays on mega sale (I believe they were like 10 pr 20 for a dollar), so Papou bought a case or two of them. No one in our family smokes at all and no one ever has, but he could not resist that deal. 40 or so years later, my mom and XiaXia (grandma) are still using those ash treys as candy dishes...

I like a deal as much as Papou did, and I am constantly seeking them out. The few moments over the last month that I was not online seeking out deals and freebies, I was on the phone calling my mom, my sisters, my mother-in-law...whoever I could think of to share the great deals with! This blog is an attempt to share those deals I find without breaking the bank on my long distance bill!

A previous obsession of mine is finding free family activities to do here in Omaha, so I will try to include those as I hear of them as well. I know that most of my family and friends that might read this do not live in Omaha, so I will post SLC things if I find any as well. My blog will certainly not be the best frugal blog out there, nor am I a great couponer, but I just want to let you know the deals I find and like. Hope you enjoy it-and please, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think!