Friday, January 1, 2010

**UPDATE-Amazon Prime "Free" 3-month trial

Remember I mentioned an Amazon Prime membership free trial I have that was about to expire? Well I just found out from St Louis Mommy that there is a way to get or extend your free trial for 3 months. Here's the skinny:

*****This is not actually a freebie-it charges $1-$1.50 on your card for this trial. I still think it is a GREAT deal, but wanted to make sure you knew about the small charge!!*****

1) Click here for a 3 Month Trial of Amazon Prime by adding the book Pride & Prejudice to your cart (don’t worry, you won’t have to actually buy it)

2) Go through the check out process.

3) When you get to the final page, after cc info but before processing, you should see under the shipping options, Free Two-Day Shipping on the Order for Textbook Buyers: “Your name, get fast free shipping for three months, starting with this order by selecting “Free Two-Day Shipping with a Free Trial of Amazon Prime”.

4) Click the button and it should offer you a free 3 month trial!

Benefits Include:
* Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping
* Upgrade to One-Day Shipping for only $3.99
* No minimum order size

There's no obligation but you must cancel before your free trial is over so you will not be charged the $79 annual fee!

I would add that you can make sure you never get charged at all by dealing with it now. This is how:

1) Once you have added the 3 month trial, go to your Amazon homepage and click on "Your Account" in the upper right corner.

2) Scroll down to the settings section and click on "Manage Prime Membership."

3) You will see a button that says "Do not Upgrade." Click it, then click on "Turn off Auto Upgrade"

4) Now you can just enjoy your 3 month trial without worrying about forgetting to cancel it before it runs out in March!