Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sierra Trading Post

I am relatively certain that if you are reading this blog, you are a friend or family member, and most of you are probably aware that Wes and I on occasion load the van up with our 4 kids and head out west to see our families in Utah. Between us and Utah is this deep pit of terrible weather called Wyoming. We ALWAYS get stranded in Laramie, Cheyenne or both for a day or so trying to get through.

On one such occasion, whee we were stranded for days (yes days), we got sick and dang tired of sitting around in our hotel room. It was Easter weekend, and as the children were hoping to get a visit from the big bunny, we were in need of a mall. We found in our hotel's guidebook an ad for a place called the Sierra Trading Post. We thought it must be like some kind of outlet mall. It is, but not like what we expected. It is this huge amazing store where the deeper you walk into the store, the deeper the discounts get.

It is amazing-mostly outdoorsy-type active wear and items there. Much of what they have is specialized items that you need to buy if you are really into a specific sport or if you want to be into it. There are high end hiking shoes, kayaks, skis and boots, all sorts of clothing and shoes and just about everything in between. But here is the awesome part-many of the items are marked down about 70% or so. There was a $6000 Kayak there marked down to like $600 (or something like that-my memory stinks). It was one of those places that you just wish you had more disposable income so you could get the GREAT deals and markdowns there on the things you might like to have.

When we got home, we wondered if there was an online site for Sierra Trading post, and (yeah) there is!!! And they are currently having their end of year blowout. I was just browsing the clearance items and saw a $2045.05 Swiss watch for $449.95 & $138 rock climbing shoes for $24.95. Just to give you a couple examples of their deals. Check them out!