Monday, December 28, 2009

**Walmart sales

Just an FYI here-I just stopped by my local Walmart and as you would expect, there are some GREAT sales on their Holiday clearance items. 24" Lighted Wreaths are only $5 right now, and many of the rolls of wrapping paper are around $1-$1.50. Christmas Candy is all 50% off and all the other Christmas stuff as well. I assume this is a nationwide thing. Check the Holiday clearance at your local Walmart and I bet you can score some great deals-I bought 3 1lb boxes of chocolates tonight for (are you ready for this) $3.75 total.

Now, here is the deal that may give my mom a heart my local Walmart tonight Rip sticks are overstocked from Christmas so they are selling them at (gasp) $49! Seriously good deal if you are in the market for one..