Thursday, January 7, 2010

**Free Juicy Juice sippy cup

Sign up here for a Juicy Juice membership and you will get a free juicy juice sippy cup as well as a free guid to your child's nutrition.
FYI-I have never signed up for Juicy Juice, but it will not let me sign up-it keeps saying my email is already on file, so I hope this works better for you than for me! :(

Thanks I Crave Freebies.


Merrilyn Dyches Harris said...

I LOVE FREE! It's my favorite price.
Oh and it wouldnt let me put in my email either...I have never signed up for juicy juice before but I have signed up for ones like KRAFT and BOX TOPS so I wonderif they are associated. I put in Jake's email and it let me do it.