Thursday, January 21, 2010

**Freebies in yesterday's mail

Wow-good thing all this loot came in yesterday's mail or I might have died since it all came with the $2500 bill for my husband's finger surgery! Pictured above is a free coupon for International Delights creamer, my free Marina perfume sample, free stickers from Disney Movie Club (no I did not join), Highlight's magazine free stickers and special offer (which I might do as they are awesome and it was a sweet deal on their magazines that teach kids about the states), my "Being a girl pack" with lots of feminine products in it,and my free SlimFast bar from Sams Club. (The big yellow folder also came which was a great personal gift. Not a freebie, but it helped anyway! It came from my husband's grandparents-THANKS G&G Johnson)!