Thursday, January 21, 2010

**In my mailbox last week...

Wes keeps telling me I need to post my freebies and deals I get so you can see I am doing this stuff, so here we go...
One of the days last week, I got the loot above in the mail, and I am so excited to tell you all about it because it gives me the chance to tell you about a couple programs I signed up with recently. Pictured above is a coupon for a free bag of Stacy's pita chips that my husband was able to sign up for a while back on Facebook. There is also a buy one get one free coupon for StarKist Creations (Tuna, Albacore) which I was sent from Vocalpoint. And the last thing there is 8 $1 off coupons for Coke products from Recycle Bank.

Vocalpoint is a program where you are sometimes sent products to try (or in this case a coupon to try product) and then after trying, you give Vocalpoint your opinion on the product tried. I am still new to this program, but I tried my StarKist Tuna Creations and I really liked it. I am super excited to see what other surprises I get to try in the future! If you want to join Vocalpoint just click the link here.

Recycle Bank. is a program that rewards you for recycling and living green. Their curbside recycling program is not available everywhere, but is worth looking into if it is in your area. I do not have their curbside recycling, but I signed up, got a 100 point bonus for signing up and promptly cashed in the 100 points for 10 $1 off Coke products coupons. I buy a lot of Coke products so this was a massive deal for me! Again I am new to this program so I have not figured out all the ways to earn rewards yet, but I am loving the coupons I got! You too can sign up by clicking here.