Saturday, January 9, 2010

**"Junk" email & other comments

Merrilyn left a great comment on the KY sample post. She mentioned the spam mail that can come from signing up for all these samples. It is true-you will get a lot of email from these places, because lets face it-they are giving us free samples because they want to eventually sell us something. I love that so many companies believe in their products enough that they think sending me a freebie will get me hooked (and sometimes it does). But, you WILL get emails from them. So, to avoid filling your regular email with all the stuff they will send you, go to gmail or yahoo or any of the free email sites and set up an email that you use solely to sign up for things like freebies. I have set up for all the things I sign up for online and for this blog and my regular email has been so much nicer! Just a suggestion!

Also, I want to say that with freebies, I try to check out the ones I post as much as possible, but it is still possible for me to find one that is just spam-if you ever find that something I post is just a scam or a spammer site, please, PLEASE let me know so I can remove it and warn others as well!

Thanks for checking my blog! (BTW-who are you out there checking this? Leave me a comment so I know if this is actually being read enough to keep doing all this work everyday!)