Saturday, January 9, 2010

**My loot-you will want to check out the INK deal at end at least!!

OK, I got some AMAZING deals today and I want to tell you about them. But first, I want to mention that as I have started on my journey to save, save, save, I have become one of those coupon clippin' junkies. I cannot wait for Sunday's paper (thank goodness it is tomorrow) to get more. I spent 2 hours yesterday organizing all my coupons in a way that made sense to me, and I made a list of what I have in the almighty baggie of coupons (which are arranged by expiration date, then alphabetically.) I am getting organized and saving money. YEAH! I highly recommend clipping the coupons and watching the sales in your area.

That being said, let me tell you about some of the deals I got this week, and how I got them.

Deal 1:
Mission: to get my oldest daughter some pants that fit.
Goal: To find 1-2 pairs of pants for less than $10/pair. (After doing some price checking and some major homework, I discovered that my girl has hit that size where her clothing is now clumped in sizes with-gasp-teenagers, and it is now much more expensive. Dangit!) Mission: Accomplished and for MUCH less that the $20 I gave myself to spend.
How: OK, I posted earlier about Kohl's sale this weekend, right? Well, because earlier this week I had signed up for their mailing list, they sent me a $5 gift card in my email. I printed that and set out with 4 small children in the -20 degree weather last night to see what they had at their night owl sale. Boy was I pleasantly surprised by my finds: 2 pairs of pants & 2 pairs of shirts, and I paid out of pocket only $7.01!! Check out the receipt below:

Since this is a pretty small picture, I will tell you about it, Top#1: originally $28, I paid $2.10, Top 2: originally $24, I paid $1.80, Pant 1: Originally $30, I paid $2.25, Pant 2: Originally 36, I paid $5.40. That is a grand total of $11.55 minus my $5 gift card=$7.01 out of pocket! FYI-the bottom of the receipt says "Total Saved:$111.45."

Deal 2:
Mission:Figure out how to use Register Rewards at Walgreens along with Manufacturers coupons to get best deals possible! FYI-Register Rewards are like Walgreens money that prints off at the end of a transaction. So, basically if a $1 RR prints, you have $1 toward your next purchase at Walgreens. When you buy certain things as listed in their ads and on their store signs, the RR will will print for you.

Mission accomplished: I bought the above items, 1 box Electrasol dishwasher tabs, 2 Glade candles, and 4 Toothbrushes for a grand total of $5.78 out of pocket but I got $4 back in RR. I used one Walgreens in ad coupon on the toothbrushes, 1 manufacturers coupon on the toothbrushes and 1 Manufacturers coupon for the glade candles, and 1 Manufacturers coupon for the Electrasol. Had I paid full price for these already sale items, I would have paid $22.15.

Deal 3: Mission: Find FREE items
Mission Accomplished: As pictured above: International Creamer 16 oz, free with coupon from Facebook form last month, 2 Johnson's & Johnson's bath soaps-.97 each at Walmart-free with $1 off coupons from newspaper last month, Reach floss .97 at Walmart-free with $1 off coupon from newspaper, and a free sample of Vaska Laundry Detergent I signed up for a few weeks ago.

Deal 4: Mission:Check out the Holiday Clearance at Walmart and try to get a few great deals.

Mission accomplished with many many more great deals than I expected. Here is the run down of the picture above: There are 7 Candy/toy combos, 6 of the funny winter animals that poop out jelly beans, 2 Johnson & Johnson bath soaps, 1 Reach floss, 3-300 count Icicle lights (normally priced at $15 each), 2 boxes of 12 count Nickelodeon candy canes, 4 boxes of Lil Angel chocolates (3 count), 2 boxes of Crisp Kringles chocolates (3 count), 3 stockings. Total: $8.10 I did also buy the 2 storage tubs in the background-they were on clearance for $3.40 each. So with those 2, the grand total was $14.90.

Deal 5: Get some new towels for the family (for cheap)

Mission accomplished, though admittedly this is a bit of a cheat to put on this week as I really ordered them last week from Last week I posted about the big towels on sale at for $2 each with free shipping. Well, the deal went fast, but I was able to score some great towels-6 in fact (one for each member of the family) and I paid just over $12 for them all. Pictures above is 5 of the 6 as my oldest son took his out of the box an immediately to the bath!

Deal 6: Mission: Get my husband some new shoes he can wear to Church and work that do not have worn out sole and do not cost an arm and a leg as all men's shoes do. Also, to try to find Sunday shoes for my oldest 3 kids (1 girl, 2 boys).To accomplish this goal, we took the whole family out (again) this morning to Kohls to see if the Early Bird specials offered us up any great deals...Oh and did it!
Mission half Accomplished: I have to say that I feel like I have done a good job if I buy a pair of shoes for my husband that are under $80. Seriously. So, when we got to Kohls, we headed straight to the men's shoes, searched around for a while and found the above (and below) pictures shoes on clearance plus more off for the sale. The shoes were originally $74.99, marked down to $39.97, and actually rang in at $33.97! So, on to the kids shoes. My daughter quickly found some cute little Candies slip on Sunday shoes that were originally $39.99, marked down to $7.99, and rang in at $5.99. Awesome. Sadly, no boy Sunday shoes-still on the lookout, but we did find WARM PJ's for the boys that were great deals as well. We did have one impulse buy-a Dr Seuss book that is part of the Kohls Cares for Kids program that was $5. Grand total of this trip: $62.55. Total Savings:$121.52

Deal 7: Mission:Find ink for crappy old printer for less than $60!

Mission Accomplished! Here is how, I saw in the Walgreens ad that they will refill your ink cartridges, normally for $12.99, but there was an in-ad coupon making it only $9.99 today. So I went and collected the ink cartridges I could find and headed over to Walgreens. It was awesome. I got 2 ink refills for a total with tax of $21. I used $3 in RR and paid only $18 out of pocket for 2 COLOR ink refills! Best of all-they came with coupons for 50% off my next ink refill!!! I was so excited I almost cried for joy right there in the store! You can look here to see if your printers ink is one they do and to see if your local Walgreens store participates in the ink program.