Monday, January 11, 2010

**My Mail today ROCKED!

Well, my mail box was stuffed with loot today (and only 2 bills in the mix)!! Wahoo!! Above is a picture of the goods.

One of the first things I ever posted on this blog was a Snapfish deal on really cheap planner photo books. I ended up getting a planner and an address book, and it cost less that $3 for both of them. Well, they came today the planner is on the left in the above picture, and the address book is on the right.
Before I started this blog, one of the freebies I signed up for was an Atkins Diet freebie that came with 3 Atkins Advantage bars, a calorie counter and info on their that loot today today (in the middle of the picture!
I am giddy with deals today!!