Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UPDATE!! Pop if Forward-FREE PopChips for 3 friends

FYI: I just received an email from Popchips that says:

"hi there. we're sorry to say that someone "mistakenly" posted a
"pop it forward" link for popchips onto the web this past weekend.
we're not sure why, but what was a hand-delivered invitation to a
small number of people, ended-up online with tens of thousands of
people signing-up. we're really sorry about the mix-up and hope
you understand.

in the meantime, please enjoy this $1 off coupon (which expires 1/31/2010)."
If you also signed up for this you will probably get the same email, but I just wanted to let you know that is appears this deal is a no-go. Sorry to disappoint!!

Click here to sign up to send 3 friends free Popchip samples. I love when I get to send freebies to people I love! Make sure you know the mailing address and the email address for the 3 people you want to send samples to.

It might be a good idea to ask your friends before you give out their info. I did not, and I hope my sister, mom and husband will not be mad at me. Oh, and FYI, I would never be mad for you to send me free things! :) No, but seriously, check with people before you give out their info!

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.