Tuesday, January 19, 2010

**Pricematching & Coupon usage...plus a GREAT deal on ALL laundry detergent

A couple deal tips...First, I hope you all know by now that Walmart and Target price match competitors advertised prices (you should review their coupon matching policies if you are worried about matching). I have not ever price matched at Target yet, but I price match at Walmart ALL THE TIME!! Usually you can just tell the checker the price match price, but I still bring the other ads along just in case you need to prove your price match (it has only happened to me 2 times that I had to whip out an ad and prove the price match.) So, every week I go through all the ads in my mail and in my newspaper and make up a master list of the best prices on the things I need, then I head over to Walmart and price match my weekly shopping. You CAN price match and still use coupons.

I should also note that each Sunday I clip all the coupons which I have organized by expiration date in my coupon bag. I have a master list of all the coupons so I can easily look up coupons on there and I just keep those coupons and the master list in my purse in case I need anything. I recommend you clip coupons and find a way to organize them that works for you!

So, that being said, here is a deal I did just the other day, that you can do too (if you have the coupons):

If you clip coupons and keep them around, somewhere in your coupons you should have a $2 off coupon for ALL detergent (it was in the newspaper on 1/3).

Big Lots has ALL 2X 50 oz. and ALL 3X 32 oz. laundry detergent advertised 2/$5 through 1/23. Take the ad to either Walmart or Target and price match, then use the $2 coupon and you end up getting the laundry detergent for only 50 cents each