Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toys R Us Stock Up and Save Sale

Did you get that Babies R Us $5 Gift Card for becoming a Facebook Fan the other day? If so this is an even better deal as the gift card says it can also be used at Toys R Us!

Check it out-Toys R Us is having a Stock Up and Save deal going on beginning tomorrow (1/31) and ending 2/6 that could be really good. There are a number of Stock Up Deals: A Pampers Bin one, A Huggies one, a Pampers/Tide/Dreft/Bounty/Charmin one, and 2 different baby formula ones. If you use a lot of these products like I do the deals are pretty good for stocking up. Check them out here.

Let me just tell you about the Huggies one . Here's the deal:

The sale on Huggies is that you buy ANY 2 Huggies value Boxes of diapers (100-288 count) and 1 value box of wipes (320-576 count) and you get a $15 gift card back for Toy R Us. The Boxes of diapers are around $42 each (They are huge) and the wipes are about $12. So your total is going to be around $96. Then if you have coupons (I have $4.75 worth I can use) and if you have the $5 gift card from Faceboook (I had 2 of them, so $10 worth), that brings the total down, in my case to around $81. Then I get a $15 gift card back for my next purchase so it is like I paid $66 and got enough diapers and wipes to last for months!

I have to tell you though that the size of diapers I needed (5) is not available for this deal (I went down last night to the local store and talked to them about it). So, I am not doing this deal after all. Instead I spend my gift cards on a couple outfits for my Kindle and a video game from Wes for the kids. I will post about that deal soon!

Check out the sale and see if there is one of those stock up sales that will work for you!